The Short Book

by: D'Avion


Introduction and Overview



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The Short Book is a creation which binds the theme of consciousness and the theme of spirituality along with mainstream society.

What brought this literary creation about was several things combined. I assume that most of us have gone on a quest of finding out who we are, the meaning of life, and some type of understanding of why the world as we know it is so chaotic.

One of the more interesting facts would be this: Despite our own interpretation, is the fact that there is a question lingering within us. The question has lingered within us for hundreds and thousands of years. However, it is only until recently, with the development of modern science and the vast network of information, that truth seekers have been able to collectively understood parts and portions of what is meant by the grand reality.

Sun TzuThere has been a great deal of information lost in translation and another great deal of information that has been destroyed by empirical forces, which at one time or another control the nations and attempted to control the entire world. One such example is The Art Of War (Sun Tzu). This book, which consisted of a set of articles, was said to be written somewhere between 476 -- 221 BC.

This literary work entitled Sun Tzu - The Art of War made great use of the sacred writings encompassing the Tao, Buddhism, Zen and other firm understandings of the goodness and the nature of humankind.

The point of bringing this to light is really very simple. In the book The Return of Light: The Imminent Restoration and Liberation of Humanity, it is also mentioned the universe of intention in the universe of love. Within this book, it talks about a strange appearance of something most religions are calling "evil". However the word "evil" has its own misconceptions and therefore we shall not use it: Instead, we will use the term  "reverse programming ."

The Art of War used reverse programming.

In the book Return of the Light, there is much discussion on the fact that there are other universes. Other universes are separate and what sciences have come to know as dimensions. Within one universe creation there can be multiple dimensions.

Since the universe was created within the specifications of "free will" and "love", there were no defenses against something like reverse programming, as defenses were never thought to be needed. It was believed that another Creator God, in another universe, may have created such an environment that could sustain reverse programming, which probably worked well within that environment, as it was self-contained. That environment was a separate universe.

It is also said that human beings were in the dimension above the angels and that the angelic realms and humankind were once great friends and great brothers. It is often talked about that the angels and humans have a great love affair. In this very same research when humanity was struck by the "reverse programming," they fell from their dimensions, hence creating the alleged "evil" and creating separation. It has been a great struggle for the Brotherhood of Angels and the Brotherhood of Light in assisting humankind to return to its rightful place away from this "reverse programming."

Not only has the ego masterfully engineered this "reverse programming", it has also created a virus that only now we are beginning to understand and cure ourselves in the misconceptions of who you truly are and have become.

The Short Book is a literary piece of consciousness written in relevant point of view. Relevant point of view is a very specific form of writing that allows the mind to visualize information within concept rather than literary logic.

It combines scientific information, historical facts, comparisons, inductive and deductive reasoning structures for the assistance of comprehending the meaning of life. It is designed to bridge the gap between that which is logical and that which is at the heart, as well as introduce the idea of the holographic matrix we all live in which scientists have come to agree upon.


The Role in Living Books

The Short Book is written by D'Avion in the form of a living book. If you would like to be notified of updates and portions of this literary piece, please register. Each time a new piece is written, you will be informed. We hope to complete this Living Book soon due to the major changes expected within this life cycle, which is in accordance to many of the spiritual experts and scientific findings found in our current day and age.


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