The Short Book

by: D'Avion

Chapter Thirteen



The Final Chapter:



I know that I am God and God is I. In many different understandings of this the I am That I AM, there is a natural way of flow to things but that does not mean that you cannot have that which you want to experience or that which you would like to have in your mind to create. It does not mean that you cannot have any of these things that may help you live and experience. It does not mean that anyone in the sons universes will look upon you and deny you what it is you want to experience. However there are many different manners in which you may exist.


You are correct in thinking that you may change in midstream and you are correct that we know not what will occur from there on. Hence, we say that you should enjoy your experience and change the experience when you are willing and feel the need to. It is not an imprisonment, though without the knowledge you may believe that you are in one.


It is important to say onto you that the future as well as the past is in flux. This means that much of what you think today within contemplative thoughts, we the ones outside the DMD and further outwards can see the probabilities and possibilities of the thoughts you are having today.


You are the great All of what you Are and no one will stand against you under normal circumstances. However, it is the ignorance that will drive you to understand the items of eventuation in the linear confusion.


There are many things to do in the universe, you have only forgotten. There are many ways to arrive at the big picture and that is true. However, depending on what you are attempting to accomplish, there are paths of short and path of long, depending on the DMD that you are residing within as the Dreamer.


There is much to understand, however rest assured that if you understood a mere 20% of the happening out in outer and inner realms beyond the dreams, you may say it is the same that as if your were within the dream.


Each DMD is like a game with rules that you should, but not necessarily, abide by in order to respect the DMD. The DMD is a highly complex entity such as your body. When one of your organs fails then there are many other items in your body that fails. You then, Dreamer, are factually living within a DMD which is a child and you are its cells. The planets and the conglomerate of star systems are like the organs. How exactly it is made up together is highly complicated, and because there are so many different DMDs and organized clusters of DMDs, then it becomes quite the interesting challenge to understand.


There are levels and groups within the makeup of the universe and vast creatures of many makings. Some of these creatures are not evolved while others are very evolved.


When a creature begins to ask the question, "What more is there?" then the quest for learning more begins. Of course, within your DMD since it has been tampered with, there are confusions, and due to fears there are those creations that wish not to evolve. This must be respected even though they may not understands.


However, since the largest known organism to is the Source of ALL, then there are those of schools of thought that adhere to a prime directive. That prime directive is not to interfere with the evolution of other life forms. However, there are those that a bit on the mischievous side and are often called the confused Brothers. Due to there interest in self gratification. If you are within the design and whish to remove yourself, there are entities that have taken the responsibility to help those individuals remove themselves from the embodiment and containment .


All life is Source and all source is Life. That means that the wind and the rain are Source. We often make the mistake, because we have forgotten, that unless we see things like ourselves or as something similar to intelligent movement that it is not alive. Under your electronic microscopes you can see movement within the raindrops, however to the eye it is a dead raindrop. However, though if it were a dead raindrop, how then could someone know to collect the raindrops into water and then drink it. Life begets life. Hence and therefore the Rain is a live. It has to be.


The Hu-man's ignorance has abused such life. Within your bodies are cells and creatures that you have never seen. And yet you live as a whole. Within the universe you live and yet you maybe unseen as a creature of life. And you have chosen to deny the existence of your brothers from other realms of possibilities. Ask yourselves what you would do if your cells suddenly denied your existence. Is that ludicrous? Then what is cancer. Cancer is an intelligent organism and it is very much alive. Ask yourselves what did you do to anger your cells so much that they would rebel against you is such a way?


Hu-Mans have lived behind the veils of ignorance for billions of years. This is alright. Since in ignorance many things occur. It is because of ignorance that you can learn. Hence, perhaps ignorance is easily misunderstood.


When you begin to realize the harmony and the balance of life and that you are the creator and you are god and God is you, there is much that changes in you. The reason you have been mislead for so long is simple. You have forgotten and someone else has not. When you stand up and begin to believe in harmony and peace and allow the Love of the One flow through you. You then can understand cycles instead of time.


There are cycles of knowledge and not cycles of time. Time is created to facilitate the mind and not the heart. Cycles are an understanding of knowingness. When one cycle is finished then you can understand the that which you have learned. Then you may choose yet another cycle of knowledge which then is yet another cycle of understanding.


If there are only cycles of knowledge then what be the purpose of existence or life. We say "life" loosely for the best way to understand the word "life" in this way and manner is to say that you have left the area of supra consciousness for a cycle in order to embody a physicuum that has a beginning and an end in order to produce a time of learning. When this time of learning is finished then you will return to the supra consciousness as being the I Am THAT I Am. To do this you leave behind the artificial intelligence that dominates heavily your physicuum, so that you can have the experience where you will learn and then produce knowledge.


It may sound difficult if you are the mouse in the maze and the scientists are looking down at you, to understand this point of view, unless you are a smart mouse that has reached its limitations of running within the maze and you become frustrated to ask the simple question of contemplation. That question is why am I here?


Once that question is asked then the quest for further understanding is required and you begin contemplated many possibilities.


This particular DMD is seemingly cruel to those in search, for there are only question and no answers to be found here. Answers are then merely the perspective outcome of a thought that has not reached maturity. It is easy to want candies and not desire the cavities. Likewise this DMD is designed to present onto you all of the beauties and riches that you can have. It is clever as well. It knows that if you search and work that you will justify the reward. It holds a carrot in front of a starving mule know that the mule will follow it because it sees no other choice and no other way out of itself. It is the art of the one who knows and the one who knows not.


The games played here are not yours, they are the games of the Creator Gods that have not comprehended the idea of suffering and the idea of feeling lost. The DMD merely hints at those things that are truly in your best interest and advertises loudly those that are desires.

When you reach and fulfill your desires it cleverly implants the desire for more or for something else, yet placing a carrot once again before you, while your teeth may be already rotting from all the candy you have eaten. No one can say that the DMD is cruel unless you open your eyes and find your way through the smoke and mirrors.


The first phase of opening your eyes is the phase of disbelief.


The second phase is the maddening questions that have no where to fill their bellies with the meal of knowledge. For knowledge is only for the knowing and if your where of the knowing, then you would not have partaken in such games.


The third phase is the phase of anger or despair further drowning you into the quick sands of your own thought creation.


The fourth phase is to discover Love and the meaning of it. This phase then brings down the brothers that can now see your light, for your light is meaningful. Since there only be love in the universe, then there is a seed of truth within the sparking heart.


From Love, there is discovery and understanding of the One.


Few Hu-mans are lucky to find Love that transcends the DMD. Few Hu-mans can keep this love when they find it, for they may not know what it is. Love in this DMD is so much the mysterious mask that is seldom worn but often spoken of, that when you have it you may be tempted to throw it away believing it is another tool of the fool to trick you into some new game.


Love is a No Sense, however it is powerful.


There is much to be said about Love, but the most important item of love is that one must hold on to it while having experiences within this particular DMD. When we look at this DMD and all of its components, you find that Love is the only key for your release.


A word about love is that it must be reciprocated to be experienced and understood. Perhaps that is a trick that no one has yet understood. You cannot receive love from just anyone, for no one knows what love truly is. However, the Brotherhood of Light are not without a sense of mercy onto us. They have provided you with something or someone that will assist you to understand and comprehend the meaning of this Love.


Love is more than a feeling it is an energy that feeds the mind and stabilized much of everything else. Love is like the sea and tall things living within the sea must have it. It is like the air and all things that live within the air must have it.


When love is contaminated then love is confused and therefore illness will ensue of the mind and of the heart. This is in direct comparison to the illness to the water creatures if their waters are polluted and the creatures of air if the air is polluted.


Much of the problem on love is that we become confused on what it is and how to be a part of it. Love is not about sacrificing anything or anyone, not even self. Love is about freely giving. Love is not about giving because it is logical or because you may feel it is the right thing to do. Love is an energy that produces clarity. Love wishes not to destroy or separate or any of those things.


However, the dilemma is the DMD that you are in is contaminated and Love does not flow properly.


So a question is how does one have love and live within love? It is actually easier that you can every imagine. The difficult part is knowing how to separate emotion, logic, judgment, feeling, and other items that deal with what love is.


Choice of who to be with in love is another matter. However, this DMD has a found way of creating and manipulating the mind. Love is a subtle flow of something that is intangible.


Since this universe in the area of confusion, and the other universe have attempted to assist in correcting the consciousness of the Man and the Consciousness of the DMD, it has been scheduled for removal. This is rare indeed in the universe. However, there are two sides in the universe where we reside. Because the confusion and suffering has been so great in this universe and many attempts have been made to correct such problems which have not been good enough, orders have been given to melt it down. Melting down the universe would mean all the trees, houses, streets, people, planets and such forth will suddenly become the material that originally is used to make life. There are to be no more personalities and no more memories, no more thoughts, and no more membrance of the universe. Other universe have seen the implications of this Universe is the Macrocosm and believe that it is best if its function ends. Of course, the confused minds do not know this. The confused mind somehow inside believes that death is what it welcomes and that death is unavoidable. Perhaps this is where we get the fear of death?


Perhaps this is where we get the fear of Satan roasting entities over a hot fire.


However, I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way, if only you open your heart and enter in to the space of love.


Love is simple and free. All you need say is source consciousness awaken within and shed the light of love so that I may grow and learn in radiance and magnitude.









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