The Short Book

by: D'Avion

Chapter VI 


The Code:


Much time has transpired and much has happened within my illusion. However, now I have found the greatest glitch of them all.


Or so I believed.


I think I have said these words before, but it feels good so I said it again. During my dreams I have found very many things about individual dreamers that have spoken to me.


However, recently, one has been introduced to me which created an awareness within me that I didn't know or realize. It was a glitch that was separating me from the Dreamer that I wanted to be and the Dreamer I wanted to share a dream with my one love. This dreamer was called Angeli, who later in my Dream became and grew into becoming a DMD Master. DMD Masters are Dreamers that can connect to the Dream Matrix and the Dream Guides. But during the moments I write, both I the Dreamer and the Dreamer Angeli are at great odds.


Even after I finish this short book I will not know where we shall be or if I shall see her again. Because of the new revelation of the Code, I only know that I love her and am constantly looking for her real form within the material form. However, the Code has prevented me to do so for so long.


You see, after speaking to my new dreamer friend, I have discovered the Code.


You must know and remember the famous words of my quest long before I met this journey.


I woke today to discover that I was still dreaming. I found myself within a dream where it appears that I can only dream further into my own dream, but I cannot wake from my dream. At first I thought I was mad and going insane. I found myself plagued with question upon question and yet there were no answers.


Where am I?

Who am I really?

What am I doing here?

What is my purpose here?

Why do I feel so alone?

Is someone looking for me?


A while after much experimentation and many strange events, my dream decided to take a new life. It seemed that there was unseen life within the life living within the Dream.


Again: 1+1=2


This Dream was beginning to make sense. You see in a logical concrete life, one should be able to know all there is to know. By this I don't mean skills. However, all under a concrete world should be able to have whatever they would like to have without so much effort or concern.


If we were all truly flesh and blood and have one mind, then we should all be one and working towards oneness. But as my fellow dreamers know, that is not the case. There are too many misguiding perceptions and "so-called Truths"


Therefore the materialistic point of view did not satisfy my oversimplified equation of 1+1=2. In fact, it didn't even make sense outside of its personified perspectives.


One fine day, within my deepest meditation, I decided to ask different questions and propose different ideas. I extracted bits and pieces of information from all sources from which I had learned. I started, like a jigsaw puzzle, tapping the pieces together as I saw them fit using my overly simple equation.


Soon I began to understand a new way of thinking. It was a multidimensional thought formation. I remember reading in a book about it and requesting in my meditations and inner dreams to somehow achieve this form of thinking.


I thought that I was foolish to do such a thing, however the Worshiped Dreamers did it all the time and got more materialism. However, all I desired was to know and understand what it meant to really be free and to use my experience in a more unifying way. I had already reasoned long ago on my quest that I was someday going to die and so were the Worshiped Dreamers. In a way I felt that they feared death. How could one fear something that was to come either way?


What was all the fear about?


Perhaps their fear was because they did not know where to go after they died. Surely there were many options that were presented for them from many resources...


But as it seemed, they all still feared death.


There were a few that didn't fear, and these were the happy Dreamers. They talked about everything and anything. However, they were hard to find, and very difficult to get any good information from them.


It was as though they believed they would be harming me by answering my questions. Instead the answers they gave me created more questions.


Sure! I thought the questions were fine. But I was attempting to draw out a Life-Map for myself. And none of this seemed to help more than merely aggravate me a little bit more.


It was through inner dialogue and contemplation that suddenly I met a friend within my mind, while I dream. I entertained the idea that if this was a dream, then within my dream might be additional answers and I would have to attempt earnestly to find such answers. After all, all the Dreamers that I knew were not doing so well if you thought about it. They were too consumed with matters of consequence. This is when I met the one I call Entity X, My Friend.


Entity X, My Friend Explained this to me:


The Code is perhaps the biggest glitch of them all within the dream. It seems that no one would like to reveal it, for then perhaps the dream would awaken because it has been challenged by the dreamers. Those few that have challenged the dream have died or committed suicide. And as I look more into the dream, I too feel the same. However, for the time being I feel uncertain of what I shall do.


A word on suicide. I think that it is impressive that we as dreamers have looked upon the suicide of a fellow dreamer as a coward's way out of the illusion of the dream.


However, these individuals that have committed suicide possibly understood something that others did not. However, perhaps they could not express it properly. And the Dreamers, along with the Worshiped Dreamers, did not have the ability to comprehend what was being spoken.


Perhaps these Suicide Dreamers only wanted to awaken themselves from the dream and didn't know how. Perhaps the Code could not completely penetrate them fully.


You see in my quest for further understanding, I have found groups upon groups upon thousands of groups that have been Coded. This is different than what I term the virus, but equally as annoying.



But first I should perhaps consider a question that I may pose to you?


Have you ever wondered why all that you do, does not yield onto you (yourself), that which you desired to obtain?


This be a very dramatic and traumatizing question. For this reason and much of it, companionship and relationships with other reasoning structures, which are similar, I have found that the dream is alive.


(Again, 1+1=2.)


Only if something other than I, is alive within the dream, can it be so that what I desire is not easily obtained? The terming now "such is life" now brings meaning.


However, it is important to know that within myself and the mind which is dreaming, I realize that the dream itself is not to blame. The dream itself is a child afraid of waking.


Know you how your own dreams push you through the barriers of your imagination? It is like you are the vehicle that is on auto pilot and realize not any of the controls that you may possess?


Ah! That is because your dreams may be influenced, as I have discovered.


Each entity human on the 3rd dimension of this plane of reality, has coding. This is indeed how the dreamers move about within the dream and the dream lives, as well as other elements within the dream. It is the Coding.


It is in part true, as I have found within my revelations, that you have chosen how to live your experience on Terra Terra previous from arriving in to the incarnation of Hu-Man.


So what is the Code?


Codes are strange to understand without a further encompassment of the dream.


Entity X, My Friend, continued to speak to me with a bit more information. It was extremely important that I understood the words he was speaking to me. However, more important was the informational conceptualizations.


He explained that the dream was alive. The dream was alive. The Dream is Alive.


Entity X, My Friend, further continued with his explanation:


Have you asked yourself where were you before you were born into the dream? Special teams of the Worshiped Dreamers are constantly undergoing experiments and trials while you are under the influence of the dream. It is when you close your eyes that the actual dream ends and you begin.


It has been very evident that whatever you want, you need only think of it, and depending on how focused your thoughts are, you would find the answers to that which you seek. However, it must be posed as a question that invites the probabilities into the dream.


In this case imagine (he said, looking at the walls constructing the home I was in), you can see what I am saying when you speak to powerful businessmen.


What a powerful businessman does is he visualizes all that he wants with great detail. He then imagines what it would look like in his mind. When the businessman enters his own mind, he leaves the dream and can enter a place called Realism. Realism, I define as that which is truly real. The word Real is illusive, for thought is real and the matter world is the dream that has been created for the experimentation of mind.


The powerful business man creates the thoughts in his fragmentation of mind. Mind is the created of realities. What does mind do? It takes your thoughts and depending on your abilities to focus and intent and how much love you fuel it with, it enters the Supra Conscious Mind and from there it enters the world of Realism.


I will tell you that the words "good things come for those who wait" fits in perfectly with this which I tell you.


You see Dreamer, (he pointed to me) you are in a dream where you have forgotten that you are dreaming. The businessman also has forgotten, but his love and passion for that which he desires helps him to dream, and each day he is guided in the direction of his reality creation.


The businessman will never share such secrets with you, because he understands that all which is created in the dream is a matter of focus. When the businessman is nearly completed with his realizations, he uses a method you call advertisements to create an inception in the thoughts of others and hopes that his inception will allow his creation to grow within the mind of the other dreamers.


If the inception is properly done, then the dreamers will make the businessman's plans come into the reality. However, realism is for all of you to use since this is your dream. This creates an illusion that can only thrive through the use of mystery, control, and ignorance.


(I stared at him in awe. This would explain perfectly well why most of the dreamers that hoped to get their freedoms could not. You would need to have the Maker of Realities and those who helped make them without knowing how they were made. The big answers began to swim around in my head. We were all slaves to the dream! But how?)


Entity X, My Friend, Explained. No, you are not slave to the dream. You are only slave to yourself. This is the reason why. Your ignorance and fear of the beyond has kept you here. When you dream within the dream, in manner of speaking, you are in realism and creation of your own. Dreams are complexes in three or four parts; however, I will continue in a form that will answer the questions that you are asking.


When you slip into the dream within the dream, you can do many things and you feel them as if they were real. Are these things real? Well, they are. You have created a multidimensional reality and entered it. For those that can understand this, they can enter any dream multiple times and even enter with other Dreamers you call Friends.


You can change your world very much like the business man has changed his. However, there are those dreamers that have healed themselves and others. How? The simple answer is the integration of the realism with the reality simultaneously and they have nothing more to do after that. Simple in concepts.


So based on the knowing that you can change your reality by entering realism, makes you free. And it is your ignorance that keeps you here.


Death to such Dreamers of the manifest is all but an illusion. Just like the businessman's creation is only an illusion.


(So, I asked Entity X, My Friend, is the Code within the Realism or the Reality?)


Entity X, My Friend, Explained: The Code is with the illusion, within space, within you and within your thoughts. The cables that the code uses to travel within, is called the Matrix Design.


The first thing that will help you understand the dream is that there are many dreams and many layers to the dream. It is an infinite number of dreams. They all have codes. However, your dream is a most difficult dream. Your dream is intended to teach you how to become master of yourself. When you are created, and believe me, it is not here, you must gain experience and knowledge.


You are given the ability to travel from Dream Matrix Design (DMD) to Dream Matrix Design (DMD). You specifically choose which DMD. Each DMD has a membrane that allows you to be within the dream without outside influence of other DMDs, otherwise there would be chaos. Now, I will remind you Dreamer, that chaos is good in the way that it creates progress and growth expansion.


When you sleep you may travel to other DMDs or other parts of your own DMD so that you can research and find tools to make your DMD a better place for yourself. This is why the businessman can create his own reality (illusion) within the scope of what his mind can perceive.


(So, I asked, "How do you know when the Dream is real?")


Entity X, My Friend, Explained:


What you term as reality is that which is controlled by what you consider your time awake. However, reality is illusive. This is why we call the items within which you live, illusions. You are a Dreamer within a dream that is alive.


The Dream has a Mind, a Consciousness, and is made from that which is termed Source. Source is the original material where all things come from and are created. By all things I can say even the fabric of your thoughts are made from this Source. Source in itself may be quite complicated and we can get into the finer understandings of what Source is if you would like.


However, for the moment let us engage in the conversation of the "what is meant by the real dream"? The closest that I can clarify about the Dream Real and the Real Dream is simply that it is a construction that houses everything that you see here.


If you think about it, it is like a computer software. Within it there are different software programs that are running through the seemingly invisible cabling. From the original programming there are creators that run through the membranes of the program and begin creating planets, moons, suns, orbits, stars, galaxies, and beyond.


So you see, the dream is all self containing.


Each Dreamer has a vessel that you are now calling the Human Body. It is important to understand that each life system that is created within the dream, such as the planet called Terra Terra and all of the contents upon and within it, is an evolutionary dream. Please dreamer, forgive me, I must start at a reference point that you can establish some form and understanding and a type of familiarity. If I were to start explaining the layers outside of your dream it would become very difficult to follow. So for now I am beginning with the layers that you are most familiar with.


However, keep in mind a concept that is something or somewhat what you would call structure or a rule.


"As is above, so is below."


The first rule of understanding is that you, the individual, may control the dream. To achieve this, you must first unlearn of your humanity, since it has incarcerated you in a perpetual cycle of dreams working through incarnation after incarnation within the membrane of the dream.


So let us break this down for you.


Each human body has many components that aid in the experience you are having within the dream. Each particular component has energies that have understood their role to play within the dream. Once any of these parts becomes aware and wishes to leave, there is an exit plan.


This is important to take note of:


Before any component is created to partake in the experience, it petitions for the experience in the following way:


  • It requests the experience it would like to have
  • It understands it role
  • It knows when it wishes to exit
  • It knows if it is here with a purpose or not
  • It is encoded with specific details for its experiential travels


This alone may stand out to you like a destiny. In part it may be correct. However, the design in which you are living also has the ability to invoke free will. It is interesting that Free Will pertains to Consciousness. However, consciousness is existing in every living breathing cell.


So therefore, and you must take special note of this concept and rule and structure…


Because each component has indeed consciousness within it, you the vessel of this dream may indeed change that undergoing that you requested prior to coming to live your experience.


In this manner the only destiny you choose, is the one that you yourself create.


This idea is also very crucial. Many Human Beings believe that they are stuck to a situation and have to live out Karma. This is not so.


The difficulty here is that the Human may only be looking and observing at the conditions and concerns that surround that individual currently. However, what would happen if Free Will were to change the course of action? Then the thoughts, propelled by their intensity, enters the Supra - Conscious Mind and then enters the field of Probabilities within the Realism.


The Human Being then only needs to understand that his thoughts have generated the idea and pushed it into Realism and from Realism those energies would filter through the Reality of the Dream into what is known as possibility. From there the Human Being need only fully accept the possibility as an experience and it comes already pre-guided for success as long as the Human Being desires to continue with the thought.


So you see there can technically be no Karma or Destiny, because Destiny changes with every thought.


A general trick by the Knowers of the Design is to create what you may term an Inception. The Inception is nothing more than a thought that will generate intensity and enter the super conscious mind. The Inception however is a clever way that has been used for billions of years to generate realities from the minds of unsuspected individuals.


This is how you my Fellow awakening dreamers happened to find I.


Do you have any more questions?


("So," I said to Entity X, My Friend, "I am the creator of my realities. I am the one that has kept myself trapped within my own dreams. How?")



Entity X, My Friend, Explained:



How? There have been many techniques and many different plans drawn out for these perpetuations. However, the short answer is "FEAR" is the number one technique used.


When Fear is used and has created a home in your mind, something strange happens to the way the mind of the human begins to comprehend its existence.


Since all you receive is within your Free Will, then it is also important to understand that Free Will is also used with the reaction of Fear.


If you desire change, but fear the unknown, your mind will attempt to bring you a satisfaction in order to create your own realities until it reaches the point of the unknown. Since the mind is part of you and yet its own entity, it takes time to discern what it can do to please you. Your mind makes no distinction whether something is wrong for you or if something is bad for you. It simply wishes to please you in the best manner it knows how to. The point of the unknown has been space that has been literally established as a blockade and is to used to established a basis for manufacturing and harboring fear.


If you allow yourself to think about it, you will come to the conclusion that all new things to you are unknown. So how can you logically expect to become anything new if you fear either leaving the old or entering a new and unknown realm of possibilities? Your great manifestors of your DMD know this secret well and have used it against you. As equals, there is no way or manner that another entity within your Dream can defeat you or hurt you. So when two Dreamers are equal, they use the techniques that require the dumbing down of who you are.


It is a child's game really.

It is where one Dreamer makes the rules, but knows all the loop holes.

It is the constant feeling of guilt, where punishment is accepted instead of corrections given as aid for the Dreamer in confusion to have and to grow.

It is the power one has over others using psychological tools and materialistic tools.


Since you have never been within the unknown, and your experiences are all kept within the Neurological patterns of your brain, every time you reach the unknown, Fear creates the desire to return to something familiar. If Fear is created properly and exploited properly then you will always return to the cycle-of-life that is more known to your mind and also most accepted.


The other item is carefully considered Desires. Since this particular DMD is designed to give you all the experiences you desire at the time of your death, something I call transformation, you reach an area which has many great books. However, these books are not filled with stories you can read. It is a place where the so called books are filled with questions. Can you imagine how many books can be there for someone who has so many questions upon their personal transformation?


There are individuals that may spend life-time after life-time reading these questions. Here there have been many misinterpretations. The ability to allow you to reflect upon these questions is meant to help guide you on your quest for life and knowing. However, even within the realms of the Masters of Design there is confusion, as so there is confusion on your plane of existence. These Masters of Design are also watched, as they may not interfere with your reality creations.


However, they are there to influence and assist. If indeed they step beyond their request for assistance, it is a breach of Free Will for this area of Design Matrices. I will tell you now that there have been breaches, but the unsuspecting Dreamers did not know of this. We can talk about this later if you like. However, it is a very important note. Because if I am scanning you correctly - you will soon be asking a question in which this answer will be needed. And I have taken the liberty to fill it in now since it is also a function of that which we are speaking of.


After the questions there is a slight intermission where you wait a while before entering a room that is filled with nothing. It is called the great "VOID". Within this VOID you can create realities in accordance to your questions. Originally this VOID was designed so that you may contemplate what you have done, learned, and experienced. If one experience or another is heavily magnetized then you are re-incarnated into that experience.


Dreamer, in your world it is often that you are provided with the opportunity to take a survey after a service. This provides you an opportunity to express your comments about the service that is provided for you. It also provides the creator of your service with a way to serve you with experience.


The VOID is something like that. Its original design was to be an experiment for the Mind. Since it is only your body that dies, you are provided with a survey at the end of each incarnation. This way the DMD enhances each time and becomes smarter, while you, the Dreamer, can pick another DMD which may help you achieve other experiential goals or another manner by which you may come to understanding self.


Of course this I speak is "as is." This was the original intention and design of the Dream in your experience.


As you become more knowledgeable within your DMD, you become more aware of self up until the moment you graduate and become, not free, but the moment you understand the meaning of freedom and appreciation for that which we call the ONE.


(So I said to Entity X, My Friend, "I have kept myself in this Dream? But how? And who Am I?")


Entity X, My Friend Explained:

My Dreamer, you are an individual separated from the ONE because you have so chosen to enter this DMD and take upon it the experiences and the experiment of the Mind. The DMD holds you until your experiences are all done. It is up to you when you can leave this experiment.


You are the one that continues to incarnate here through the use of your mind and your creativity.


("But How?" I asked)


The answer is simple, Dreamer. I am here because of you. You have asked the question for a great while and I have come to you with answers.


When you decided with your heart and mind together that there was no more to experience here, then you call upon the Great Brotherhood of Light and the Councils that are here to assist you. It is simple really. At least the concept is. We have provided a great deal of materials throughout the ages for you to have and to read so that it can generate a mindful re-membrane of your self and what you really are.


("But I don't know who I am?" I asked.)


Of course. This is called the Veil. The Veil was created so that you could experience in this DMD. Your mind knows how to unlock it and in your current social consciousness it is difficult to comprehend what it is. The literature that is provided to you these days within your DMD is all very similar in entertainment and distraction. However, rest assured that if you are ready you can leave at anytime. However, it will take re-calibration. We can only guide you home. You, however, must use your Free Will to generate Realism and Reality using the Mind to create a gateway of an exit for yourself.


("How did I get here?" I asked. "I don't remember. Why did I come here?")


Before you enter this particular DMD, you have been in many places. Perhaps I shall allow you to know this once your mind is settled. But for now, we will answer your question carefully and with simple terms so you may understand.


First, I restated that I am here as assistance. In you world you have what they call...Technical Support...that you may call upon when you are in need. Some of this support is already given to you throughout your daily lives. It is intended so that you may achieve your experiences within the dream. There are other details that may be of importance to you, and I shall get to those items as soon as our linear conversation can permit.


What you have achieved, because of your persistent requesting, is Technical Support on the line you call telephone. I am here in thought to guide you. It is crucial, Dreamer, that you ask the right questions. Very much like when you call to fix your computer, you must not ramble. State your goals first and then the problems if you don't know exactly how to get the right answers. I may bend the rules, but there are DMD Controllers that are in place to protect the design and insure that we do not get out of line. In your Terra Terra DMD, they are simply called the Council of 8.


With that said, let us continue with your questions.


You, Dreamer, outside of this design, are not Human. You are an energetic being. When you consider energy, do not view it as a single cell organism. In fact you should realize that even a simple cell organism is made of energy. So that term is highly inaccurate, and we use it as connotation meaning and phrases. Connotation, Dreamer, is the way one perceives the meaning of the word. Whereas Denotation is the reason the word was created.


So your energy is linked to many things such as a Soul, Etherics, Mind, Consciousness, Source, Light Body, Spectrum of Light, and is tied into a record keeping area called the Akashic, and the Etherics.


This is key to your understanding:

What you are experiencing can be termed in your language as Personality.

Your personality is something that is core to you and you can keep throughout your existence here and beyond here. Your personality, though it is core to you, will still be enhancing as you can experience a greater understanding.


Experiences are those things that you have and live. They can last one moment, you can have them in a simple thought that appears and vanishes in a single moment, or it can be lifelong journey, or as long as your existence. You can take multiple existences in your journey to understand your experiences. And of course, you can take multiple experiences if you desire.


When you have an experience, you will then break down that experience into many pieces and parts.


Some of those experiences start breaking down into areas and are held there. These are the actual experience without the feelings and the emotions. Let us say, for example, that you have a great museum with great art. The soul will keep what you term the art work and that is all. No emotions, no feelings. Just experiences at their core be housed in the soul.


Many others can now see the artwork. That means that your soul is open for viewing. You soul is connected to a greater soul that is like a mainframe. You possess your personalized original portions of the soul while the others share your experiences without the emotions within their personal access to the mainframe.


The Etherics on the other hand, is what holds your emotional interpretation of your experiences. That is to say, it can observe the finer details of the artwork and your personality can create the interpretation of the Art Work.


I will tell you that the Soul was truly created and was masterfully done. The Etherics, from what we can tell, is an effect. I don't think anyone really planed that out. Therefore, the Etherics have another type of influence on your Dream. From the Etherics come your Human Emotions.


Therefore please place close attention to this: The Etherics can influence your Mind due to their instability. An Etherics has ratios. The idea of debt and Karma is closely related to the Etherical nature of your existence. Where the term is now currently used as "debt" it truly only means that the ratios are n-0*







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