The Short Book
by: D'Avion

Chapter V

For some strange reason this morning, I awoke with the memory of the past. I've noticed that for the several months that have passed me by in which I've pondered about the dream, its effects, the dreamers, the worshiped dreamers, dream makers, the confused dreamers, and the dreams within the dreams, that each day I awake wondering the same questions over and over and again.

Why am I here?
What is the purpose?
What is really going on?
What, if anything, have others noticed about this dream?

And the most important question of all, what would I do if I finally discovered the truth of this dream and its illusions?

I read through over 7,000 books written by dreamers all trying to discover the reason for the dream.

There were many dreamers and many ideas about why they themselves were here within the dream. However, most of them had not realized that this was a dream.

I heard some of the following ideas that seemingly made sense only when you used the illusive "exception to the rule."

For example, "I believe in Jesus that he died for our sins and we are here to honor him and someday we shall go to heaven."

Had they not realized that the original text said nothing about "Sin" and that the original word was "Materialism"? Would then this mean that Jesus died in vain or did it mean that he was just killed? Had these dreamers not realized the politics of the time? Had they not realized that Constantine was behind a great deal of that manipulation? Did the Dreamers not know that the Bible had over 20,000 errors in the New Testament alone? Did they not know that the Catholic Church manipulated the Bible and the Ten Commandments? Did they not see how the Catholic Church killed millions of people in the name of God? Did God ever tell them to do it in the first place?

Did they not see that the white Bearded Men on thrones of Gold were not Gods, but Anunnaki from another planet?

Did they not know that in the area of America, the words "In God We Trust" were originally placed upon their currency as a creed for this country's role in spiritual leadership, but later corrupted and used by the Federal Reserve to gain the trust from her citizens?

And with all of this information and proof available, they still did not budge from their belief system.

Consider this next idea: "I believe my government or religion will protect me."

Did they not see the reports concerning some of the terrorist activities? Did they not see that most of the evidence found pointed the finger back at the government? Did they not see how the government allowed foods and supplies that were harmful to the endocrine system, which was well known to work the Chakra systems that supposedly was your life line to the energetics that connected you to your Source?

It was almost as though the adults of the country were children that needed to be told what to do at all times. I found that interesting, and for those countries where the unarmed people rebelled, they were killed.

Now here's another idea: "I need more money and going to church on Sunday will help me."

Did the dreamers not see and feel the repression of and the use of money, religion, laws, and other items to control the people? I pondered how all tyrants had taken over their country. It seemed that each on of them used a very simple system.

With all this and still tons more information, all of these situations had something clear and in common. They all caused fear and separation. Because of this they were non functional, and perpetuated the dream even further.

So in a logical formulation, it appeared that it didn't matter which side I chose. Since they all activated and used fear and separation, it didn't seem to matter which one of those I should choose. However, the dreamers obviously felt differently since they each pointed at each other with the idea and illusion that they could blame each other.

And so I awoke this morning wondering about the dream and asked myself the same questions.

Why am I here?
What is the purpose?
What is really going on?
What, if anything, have others noticed about this dream?

I read through over 7,000 books written by dreamers all trying to discover the reason for the dream.

And so this morning I awoke with a memory.

I remembered one fine day, before I understood the dream as well as I did today, a young man looked at me and presented me with a great business opportunity. He was well off, making very good money as a salesperson for a company which I later joined myself.

He approached me with a smile and filled with happy thoughts. It didn't take him long before he saw in me something that was just awakening.

"Hi! My name is John." he said and then paused.

"Hi John." I answered.

"Listen, my business is expanding, and I would like to know if you would like to be part of it. But before we sit and talk about business, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure." I remember feeling the subtle but aggressive sales pitch.

"Do you know what makes sales easy?"

"Good salespeople."

"Yes, you are right! However, that's for amateurs. If you would allow me to shed some light on a few subjects, perhaps you can see something in what I am doing that may assist you. Make no mistake though, I am in need of good salespeople and it would be excellent if you could be part of the mix. May I continue?"

"Sure, John..."

"This is rare, but I would like to vent."

I, still suspicious and a bit on the curious side, nodded my head. After all, I was sure that I had heard it all.

"First off, thank you very much for the opportunity of allowing me to vent," John went on. He prepared himself rather well before speaking, by ordering a coffee and offering me one. The coffee had a fancy name and I was very much pleased by it. Yet still I could feel myself looking and already searching for the fix, the catch, the snare.

"What is your name?" John asked me.

"My name is Novak."

"Interesting name. I'm already sure you know that is a last name in many countries."

"Yes. So many people keep telling me that."

"It's a strong name."

"Everyone tells me that as well."

"Well then you must also know that the meaning of your name is 'One that arrives for the first time.'"

"Yes. I looked it up."

"Then I was right about you." John said. "Now where to begin venting? (placing his finger to the tip of his nose) You are aware that eye movement is directly coordinated with the way the brain is thinking?"

"Yes. I studied that." I said.

"Then you are familiar that one that knows that you already know this may want to confuse you. Right?"

"The thought did cross my mind."

"I can see this will be a very good venting session for me. You do know that the military and the police use decivces that create a profile about you, based on the way you move and speak? "

"It is also based on the words that you may use to describe yourself or your situation based on your psychology."

"Brilliant! Have you been in the military?"


"Brilliant! Then you must know that rules and regulations are all fixed to manipulate the meek and the weak minded."

"Yes. It is to say. These rules are used to control the people so that they believe in some type of order. Laws don't really save anyone. A criminal will do as he pleases and the really good ones have the money to pay the lawyers their fees to get them out of those situations."

"And what happens to them when the law doesn't work?" John further inquired.

"Then they create accidents. So the evidence cannot be found."

"You are a very good person to vent towards. You see Novak, my name is John. But you don't know that. And I may or may not choose to show you my identification. Or perhaps I may show you false identification. Or perhaps the identification is not even important. I guess it depends on how good am I at lying or telling the truth. But as you already may know, and according to your answers, you probably know that truth is no more than a perspective of one's perceived reality. So I am a nutraceutical representative. With this said, I do several things. The first thing I do is make money. I either find a client to sell the products to or I see if you would like to join my company. How does that sound so far?"

"It sounds like someone trying to sell something and make a living."

"Correct and very perceptive. I just bought you an expensive cup of coffee. Now I figured you might be a little hard to reach, so I thought I should give you the best of what is here and then pay for it. In fact I was bold enough to purchase it without your permission. It was a risk, for you may be the type of person that easily gets offended because you may not like me at this moment and then think that I was trying to lure you into doing something that would benefit me. How am I doing so far?"

"I am liking my expensive cup of coffee more and more by the moment," I replied.

Not missing a beat, John said, "Well, since you have allowed me to vent, I would like to continue. As you know the world is full of individuals that, for the most part, are looking to fulfill some of their needs. Did you look at the car I was driving?"

"Yes. It is a BMW."

"Did you know what year it is?" John asked.

"Not really." I answered.

"Does it matter?"


"Why not?"

"Because it is a BMW. And just the name alone makes the impression."

"Why is that?"

"Because I don't have one."

"Now your ego would reason that you don't need one. However, you cannot deny the fact that I have one and you don't. You also know that unless you have one, it would make little sense for you to even convince yourself that you don't need one. That is, unless you have poor mentality and you have given up on your self-esteem. So perhaps I am showing off my car so you can either buy from me or join my company. Now, I am sure that you are looking at the way I am dressed. If I look like you, you may not like yourself and therefore you might think that I am not successful. Perhaps if I decided to dress like a corporate person, you might think that I am being pompous or perhaps you would think that the corporate lifestyle of well off people is one is that too difficult to obtain or maintain. Perhaps you were taught that money was the root to all evil and therefore you are very suspicious. So, here I am. You haven't even heard about the company or the product! So allow me to ask you a question. Will I tell you, if I had the chance that my product is the best product on the market and that it will bring you miracles?"







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