The Short Book

by: D'Avion

Chapter III


The Snare Within the Illusion:




As I became more aware of the illusion, I also became more aware of questions that seemingly had no answers.


For example:


Why is it that most dreamers do not awaken?


Allow me to explain:


Part of my disguises as an individual aspect within the dream, was the role of the healer. I would have used a more appropriate term such as a "Health Professional." However, the other dreamers have needed a discipline to buy words.


Buying words is a simple discipline within the illusion, where a dreamer claims the exclusive right of the use of words. This becomes even more complicated when words are specifically created for the purpose of describing a new idea or an object and then used by the mainstream language used by dreamers. For example "health professional" is a word phrasing purchased by the "medical" industry whereas the word "medical industry" is a definition of the organization of many dreamers which have chosen a profession that falls within the category. Within that category they use and purchase other words to further separate and isolate themselves and their profession/practices. Within this illusion, the purchasing of words and the exclusive right. These words are then processed by another organization of dreamers which is another word phrasing such as "trademarks", "copyrights", "patents" and many others.


It can be quite confusing for an entity such as myself to understand the full concept of defining words and meanings in order to create a separation between dreamers. At the surface level, I understand that by creating separations, it becomes useful to other dreamers in the act of understanding what one dreamer can provide for another dreamer.


Hence, it has become very difficult to effectively use words that have not been purchased, patented, trademarked, and copyrighted.


One example of such words is the word "doctor". Traditionally the word doctor is a word that means "teacher". Below is the direct translation of the word "Doctor".


Definition: a teacher; one skilled in the profession, or branch of knowledge learned by man.


Within the illusion of this dream, it is often thought of as illegal for one person to call himself a "doctor".

How so? Illegal is the definition used to impose difficulty upon those who choose to use items, concepts, ideas against the Worshiped dreamers.


In my humble analysis, for understanding the attempt which was then tried, it is equally as responsible and condemning for such penalties and sanctions against those using the original use of what.


Hence, the idea of the "snares" is applied. Here's the definition below:


snare 1 (sn├ór)


1. A trapping device, often consisting of a noose, used for capturing birds and small mammals.

2. Something that serves to entangle the unwary.

3. A surgical instrument with a wire loop controlled by a mechanism in the handle, used to remove growths, such as tumors and polyps.


According to this definition one may conceptualize that the snare is used in trapping. There has been a common colloquial expression where one may say "I have a noose around my neck". That is to say that the noose be the snare which is then tied for the purpose of hanging until death.


A snare is the more gentle approach of capture, where one may linger for a long period of time attempting to remain alive while trying to cut oneself free from the trap.


Words have been used in a configuration which is also a snare.

 For per se the word "snare" to be effective, you also need the participation of several dreamers.


In order to give the consensus on whether dreamers are to agree upon the word "snares" and their meanings/consequences, dreamers who have mastered the art of manipulation use a basic fundamental within the solution called "fear".


However, as I have stated in a previous notation, "fear" is a non-consistent state. By this, I am repeating, that not all dreamers fear the same things. Therefore "fear", is an illusion within the dream. However it becomes a very necessary part of the word "snare".


I have found several articles and documentation where the dreamers who have mastered the art of the manipulation of words and their meanings, have induced the illusion of "fear". Since, the manipulation of words have induced fear onto the unsuspecting dreamers, the correct definition that may be used here, is the word "snare".


There are many so-called "snares" within this dream.


Most of the snares create perspectives. I will explain perspectives in a moment.


For now let us attempt to understand the flow of meaning.


One must understand that snares and glitches are different in nature.

Snares are created with an intention in mind, where glitches are an effect of the design, and many dreamers may not know of the glitches.


Snares are supposed to be kept away from the minds of those the snare is designed to entrap. Glitches are those items that anyone can fall into. Many Worshiped dreamers, when they find these items called glitches, immediately try to hide them from the general dreamers. At this it may appear that the Worshiped dreamers have created the glitches, but they have not. This is most evident in the way that the Worshiped dreamers behave, since they barely understand these glitches.


It may take many resources to discover the reasons and the potential of these glitches. Normally this requires many Worshiped dreamers to work with skilled dreamers. However, once the glitches are understood enough, the skilled dreamers are undone, released, retired, or removed from the current dream.


Such is the world of the Worshiped dreamers, which appears to require more power, attention, and illusions. From what I have gathered from the many, many books written by the dreamers that I have read, Worshiped dreamers are often led into madness or removed from the current dream by what is called an enemy dreamer. An enemy dreamer is always a perspective.


It may be a good moment to note that there is physiological deviation, between the "skilled dreamers" and the "Worshiped dreamers".


Worshiped Dreamers, though they may appear to have skills and can be viewed as Skilled dreamers, are different in and potentially dangerous to the harmonizing effects of an environment.


For example, one trait of the Worshiped Dreamer is to work and use words to help manipulate thoughts within the other dreamers. As it seems the Worshiped Dreamers use a few emotional and logical tools to move the Skilled Dreamers into a place of worship.


For the Worshiped Dreamer to be effective, he has invented the use of psychology. Psychology is a never ending study in the pursuit of understanding how the Human Dreamer functions in order to "help" the Dreamer.


This psychology is illusive and seemingly pointless in the advent of "help". You see it will take a professional human which is Worshiped to be able to work professionally and in a respected manner.


Psychology is the science of the masses. Since there are so many different cultures, psychology must adapt to each individual culture. Cultures change from time to time, so therefore psychology must adapt to times as well.


It is easy to see that there must be many "exceptions to the rules" here. Psychologists who remain in the Worshiped profession, have a tendency to live using a tool of separation (more exceptions to the rule).


The Evaluation tools must then be used in order to deem what will be accepted and what will not be accepted by the Worshiped dreamers. Hence, more exceptions to the rule must be made. Evaluations are based on a sense of reasoning, which is the further logical progression based on more "exceptions to the rules".


The Worshiped Dreamer then uses psychology (art of herding cultures), with the evaluation tools created by their logical evaluations to create the sense of worthiness and the "special feelings." You can clearly understand that in order to be worthy there must be someone less worthy and to feel special then you must know someone that is less than your equal. The Worshiped dreamers, seem to be not following the laws of harmony.


Harmony is the existence of all things as equals and as respects. Of course it also has the idea of that one dreamer may have a set of skills that another dreamer has not. However, in harmony the one without the skills would be taught as an equal with from the one possessing the skills.


The word "equality" then is a term best applied to harmony.


It has been my experience that Worshiped Dreamers have difficulties achieving harmony and equality.


From my research, Worshiped Dreamers seem to live within the world of perspective and do not enjoy fully the idea of change. Their idea of change mostly stems from the change of one state of progression to another. To do this, they require the use of controls.


Controls then bring us back to the "Exceptions to the Rule". For the first time I saw the patterns that were being generated and I further was convinced that I was living within a dream. You see, only in a dream can you break the law of conservation and the law of economy by using the law of logical control progression.


I began to comprehend that there was no freedom. However, at the same time, the rules can be bent.


I quickly thought about the illusions of the stores and products I was purchasing for clothing, food, and computers, cars, houses and so forth. I started to think through these items carefully.


Why did I feel special having the illusion of driving 3 BMW automobiles? Why did I feel "happy" living in a larger house? Did I really need such a big house and payment? Was the house really mine? Were the auto-machines really mine? After all, I was making payments to an institutional illusion of money called a bank. I was also paying them a high rate of interest.


Was I lied to?


Thankfully another dreamer, a skilled dreamer, discovered a few "exceptions to the rule" and decided to do something about changing the outcome of his illusion and his participation within it.


He used the tools from many skilled professions.







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