The Short Book

by: D'Avion


Chapter I:



I woke today to discover that I was still dreaming. I found myself within a dream where it appears that I can only dream further into my own dream, but I cannot wake from my dream. At first I thought I was mad and going insane. I found myself plagued with question upon question and yet there were no answers.


Where am I?

Who am I really?

What am I doing here?

What is my purpose here?

Why do I feel so alone?

Is someone looking for me?



As I looked around and quieted my mind and my emotions, I found myself in a vastness of confusion. The confusion became quiet interesting.


The first symptom was when I noticed the rules of things. I noticed that the rules applied to some things but not to other things. I began to question the validity of these such rules and discovered that they were made by other people like myself, and that these people too were lost. In other words, they were dreamers just like me. I knew they too were dreaming when I asked them questions they could not answer. Then as I placed close attention to them, they too asked the same questions I was asking.


Where am I?

Who am I really?

What am I doing here?

What is my purpose here?

Why do I feel so alone?

Is someone looking for me?



Forgive me for getting ahead of myself. I will tell you soon about the day I woke and my experience. However, I needed to begin somewhere so I started here…



Allow me to begin.



The only difference between them, the dreamers, and I the dreamer was just one more question.


That question would supersede all other questions. So I asked, "Is this real?"


The moment I asked the question, the dream attacked me and persuaded me towards a better dream.

I was offered a better job career.

I was offered better food.

I was offered a better companion.


In fact, all I did was pose the question, towards that which I wanted, and it was mine. Some people call it the "law of attraction".


At first this was my fatal error, because I indulged in the gifts of the dream. This acceptance of gifts perpetuated the cycles within my dream. Hence, I became the prisoner of the dream through mere illusion and distraction. By the time I realized the happenings, billions of years had passed within the blink of any eye. I may explain the principles of time within a dream soon enough.


Perhaps the saying that most applies here is the following: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." However, there can be only so much wine, bread, food, women, wealth, and men. There could only be so much to conquer.


A young dreamer once gave me a card, it read "How do you keep a dummy interested… Turn the card over."

I turned the card over and it read, "How do you keep a dummy interested… Turn the card over."

So I did and then the card read, "How do you keep a dummy interested… Turn the card over."


The young dreamer laughed loudly until the tears fell from his eyes. I looked at his joy and smiled. He was crying out of laughter. I find that interesting. Dreamers cry when they are happy, when they are sad, when they are tired, when they are worried, and even when they go mad.


Is was then that I asked the questions:


Why do you cry?

Am I a dummy?


There are two concepts of dummy.


The one concept is that of the word "dumb" in proper and original context, means lacking the ability to speak.


The second concept is that of the word "dummy", which may be a stringed puppet or a hand puppet.


In either case neither of them can speak.

Was someone else then speaking for me?

If so then who?

Who is pulling the strings?

            Was it the dreamers that were considered the rule makers?


I found this all too curious. So I decided to get a card of my own, and I shared it with others.


As I passed the card around, I was confused by the variety and mixed emotions of the responses. This was surprising to me since I had not experienced those responses myself. I also did not feel the same amount of joy that the child, who initially showed me this marvelous system of computations, felt and expressed.


I was confused, perplexed, and yet I had additional curiosities. I didn't expect what was happening, since I had learned by experience that some laughed when they discovered the perpetuation of feeling dumb. However, they were not as happy and joyous as the young dreamer that first showed me this profound vehicle of knowledge.


Some were angry, for they did not like the discovery of themselves. I guess they didn't appreciate the lesson, that they were dumb or a dummy.


Some looked at me as if this was a trivial matter. Did they know or understand something I did not? Perhaps they saw something else. However, when I asked them to explain themselves they could not. They simply said it was a stupid trick, or simply felt bad, as if victimized by a card and its verbiage. They asked me why I would share such a perplexing card.


I thought to myself for a second and profoundly reasoned with my self, that someone who knew this "stupid trick" would surely be able to explain its logic and its meaning to me. But they could not. Therefore, I reasoned that in order to understand this was a stupid trick, then "stupid" would have to be within that person, and not within the trick, in order to be able to define it.


It seemed so simple. My discovery lead me to understand that there were many perspectives that seemed real but they weren't.


How could something real have so many variations?

Why were my experiences different?

Why were my expectations not met?

Why is it that one action had so many variations when presented to a variety of people?


It was then and there that more questions came to surface. When you add mathematical equations you find that

{1 +1 = 2}. So why then did {the experience of young dreamer + the experience of me with the child not equal the same joy or marvel that I experienced?}


It was then that I suddenly felt something familiar.


It felt like a dream. Only in dreams are things not so explainable. Only in dreams are there pieces missing from the structure of reality. I realized that if a question could exist, there should be an answer, unless there was no answer. However, the only place where I knew there were no answers were in my dreams.


I reasoned that dreams don't always make sense. After all, that was my experience. I questioned ghosts, goblins, fantasy stories, love, hate, and other such things at first until I stumbled onto FEAR.



Yes, fear.

What was fear?

Where did it come from?

Why was it there?

Why did so many dreamers hold on to this thing called fear?


It took me several years to realize fear was within my dream. However, once I discovered it, I then was able to ask the questions and I was grateful to have discovered it was lurking within my dream the whole time.


            I soon began to research fear and the only thing I could discover was that fear was not real.

If one dreamer may have fear where another does not, then how is it possible that fear is real?

How was it then possible that the dreamer could hold on to fear, even still in his or her own dream?

Who owns the dream that we are dreaming?

Is fear real?

Is the dreamer not real?


In mathematics {1 +1 = 2}, isn't that always true?


Then why was it that {dreamer + fear = not the same fear for each and every dreamer}?


Why is the math equally dysfunctional?


After vast amounts of calculations, I discovered one equation that seemed to work.


It is as follows:


{Dreamer (not Real) + Fear (not Real) = Illusions within a dream.}


However, it seemed that for the one question I asked, many more questions knocked upon my door. However, more on that in the future, for now allow me to continue writing The Short Book.


It makes no sense if fear is not real and the dreamer believes in the not real. Hence, it could only make sense that the dreamer was not real.


However, if the dreamer was not real, was I then real?

Was I seeing the Fear or the Dreamer outside myself?

Was the Dreamer I looked upon real?

Did the dreamer create the fear?

Did the fear create the dreamer?

Who is the master schematic of this such dream?



I soon discovered that I was within a dream.


This was the perplexing state of madness I was in.


This was the deciding moment in my life were I found myself dreaming within the illusions.

I was taught that things were real and that values were important, however that all changed the day I awoke from and discovered that I was in a dream.


On this day with all of the questions that I had, I found myself trapped within the dream.


At first it was trying and hard. It seemed that no matter where I turned, I found nothing but a collage of never ending shifting perspectives and shadowy illusions.


But it did not end there. Everywhere I turned I found nothing but more equations which yielded a great deal of so called "exceptions to the rules" but there was nothing of concrete value.


I began to question everything, and with each question my impatience and my concern for my own sanity was even more perplexed and leading into deeper avenues of confusion.


As it seemed, scientists, mathematicians, religions and governments were perplexing to me. It seemed they had all created a systematic approach to the "exceptions to the rules".


What rules? I asked myself. Why were the rules there and who put them there? What was the purpose of them being there? If the rules were real, then why didn't others agree? If there is an exception then what were they exceptioning?


I felt insane and maddened by all of this.


It seemed that the world was not even questioning what was real. I met with psychologista. They pointed at their diplomas and made many references towards their personal experience and universities I never heard of. What were these places called universities and what did they truly mean? From my point of view, there was no reality there either. Sure, I admit there were many studies, and yet there were no answers.


I found my self arguing with the psychologists and other doctors, and none of them had an answer. I would ask them what they thought of my questions and what was their personal opinions to the questions I asked. Once again they began to point at their papers hung on the wall and their titles and their experiences.


I found myself lost in a sea of answers that had no questions. In other words, there was so much information but nothing to inform about.


That was not my paper, my experience, my title. I just wanted answers to the confusion I was seeing. They referred me to other scientists and doctors. I quickly learned that there were two brands of Dreamers. There were the Dreamers that didn't know they were dreaming, and the Dreamers that knew that something I was saying was true and mysterious.


The Dreamers however, had a magic pill to calm me down and allow me to rest. They didn't see the importance of the realization there were in a dream. But the question kept taunting me day after day and night after night.


Why is it that one mother or father believes that only their child deserves love? Are there not more children in the world that require love? When the adults were children themselves, did they not learn that all children were important and equal in the way of science? After all, doesn't {1 + 1 = 2}?


After suffering for a few years quietly and in silence, within the confines of my cubical, I decided to immerse myself in the question.


But I was no fool. The dream existed, I just could not prove any of it. But there were still so many glitches. There were so many scientific formulas that just did not work. There were so many answers that were so called "situational". There were so many inconsistencies.


I finally came across an article where Mother Teresa was invited to an "Anti-War Rally". She humbly declined. However, she offered herself and her services to them if they would invite her to a "Peace Rally". That was the moment the world stopped. The question remained, frozen and fearful. I sensed the question become quiet.


What was the difference between a "Peace Rally" and an "Anti-War Rally"? The answer laid in the psychology of the words. I quickly realized that I was truly in a dream, perpetuated by fear and psychology of the domination of the mind.


I began to shake myself into existence.


At first it felt very appealing to the senses. I thought that I should be part of the system of "exceptions to the rules" and forget the questions and the answers to no questions. I thought it may be easier to leave the world of confusion. But my consciousness had created the question, and for every question there must be an answer.


Because of this perpetuating dream I have decided to write this, The Short Book, while I am within the confines of this dream.


There are those who wish to continue to dream, there are those very few who wish to wake from the perpetual dream, and there are those who linger in confusion and are afraid to wake.


They have forgotten what it means to breathe the fresh air, to walk in space where there is no time and in time in a place where there is no space.


They are my brothers.


They fight so dearly to continue the dream, and therefore the war ensues. However, just like a dream, I cannot die, I merely enter another cycle of dreams. My brothers are indeed troubled and cannot comprehend how to wake from such a dream.


Somewhere, I am told there are countless bodies laying side by side, dreaming of the moment of rescue. However, clever as dreams often are, they cannot waken. In this dream they are expecting a hero. In some cases, perhaps, they wait for a prince or princess to help them out of the dream.


However, the dream would not be complete without the reasons to dream, which is the experience of the dream to overcome the dream and come to a stage of reanimation.


Within the dream, as we are all taught, there is a hero and a villain. However, both parts and sides of that dream are merely a reflection of self attempting to overcome self, and so the illusion of the villain and the illusion of a hero exists.


Hence, I am told that these Dreamers, though they wait for their rescue, cannot become awakened, though many have attempted to awaken them. I am told that they shrug at anyone that attempts to awaken them. Sometimes they scream in horror as the kind brothers try to wake them.


So I ask, why will they not wake from the dreams they themselves have created? Are they not waiting for a hero to wake them from slumber?


Do they even know that they sleep yet still?


You see, cleverly they requested the villain to be very clever, and so the villain of their own dream has stated that there would be false profits and false attempts to wake them. Hence, they have created a room where they have locked themselves within an experience of their dream and left no window to climb out from their dream, no door to walk through, no key to unlock the room from the outside, and no light to see even their own shadow.


They are living within a darkness with no one to remind them of this dream, no one that can hear their cry for help and no way to rediscover themselves. They must somehow wake by themselves.


The dreamer has outsmarted himself into a box of darkness, where he lays dormant within a dream within his mind.


So when anyone that attempts to wake them, they see the villain and not the savior.


There are Dreamers that dream, and within their dream they do not realize that they can wake from the dream. Then there are those who wake from one dream to find themselves to have awaken from one dream, only to find themselves within yet another. There are dream stealers and dream projectors which both are living someone else's dream. Thus the dreams we have are layered with an infinite number of layers in some cases.


There are Dreamers that are merely chasing another dream and therefore find themselves falling yet into a deeper sleep. My mind often drifts on the raft of questioning, leading and attempting to find the reason why is it they do not wake up?


I dreamed a dream where there was no time no space and no thing, and I did not realize that I was living within a dream. Within my dream there are other people that are also dreaming, and thus from time to time we share the same dream.


What holds together the dream, as my confusion has lead me to discover, are several factors, and yet they are simple factors. I am happy for my confusion, for it has become my friend.


The easiest factor that seems to be the most simple is to "wake-up".


However, that is the hardest factor. The reason this factor is the hardest is because you have forgotten that you are in a dream. Your mind still believes in such elements from within the dream and thus the dream remains alive. Hence the Dreamer, lost within his own confines, searches for a purpose for self. Such are the ways of dreams.


Since dreams are only dreams, you find unexplainable things within it. Such as why is there hunger or hate? The reasoning structure doesn't seem to fit the rationality. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do some of us get what they want out of life while others yet are struggling?


Within our dreams, there are things that make no logical sense.


The brothers that are confused by the dream seek out war and destruction. The reasons within the dream are simple.

I call it madness, the confused brothers simply are seeking out order from a chaos of creativity.


If this were not a dream, how could there be so much creativity?
If this were not a dream, then wouldn't we all be equal?

If this were not a dream, then wouldn't we all be able to understand all?

If this were not a dream, then wouldn't we know all knowledge?


There are those who are not confused by the dream, however, they feel fear to the awakening.


These Dreamers perpetuate the cycle of dreams by influencing you within your own dream, and express onto you the feats you can and cannot do. They perpetuate laws so that you lose your focus and forget that you are in a dream.


They do not have your best interests in mind. Are they villains or are they only a reflection of yourself within the dream?


I propose that the confused brothers have awakened from one dream where they can see others still dreaming, however, such a complexity of the dream is that dream, since they themselves are still lost deep within the layers of another, more encompassing dream.


This can explain why they can appear and disappear at will, read your thoughts and implant them. The confused brothers created demons and monsters of your own design so you do not wake. Through fear we refuse to open the doors to the great awakening.


The confused brothers do not understand that they too, are locked within the dream. They are only traveling from one dream to the next. They believe that because they can see us dream and implant thoughts and ideas within our dreams, that they are not Dreamers. They believe they are the Dream Makers.


But then I find myself again perplexed. If they can appear within my dream, are they not dreaming as well?


How can they manipulate my dreams if I myself am not dreaming? Only in dreams can the impossible be possible.

How else can a man walk on water?

How else can the law of attraction work?

How else can there be so many Gods all claiming to be one God?

How else can it be possible that there are "laws" we believe are real?


After all, is it not correct that {1+1=2}?


Why else would we so willfully give our lives away to the enslavement of perpetuation without asking the questions that follow:


Where am I?

Who am I really?

What am I doing here?

What is my purpose here?

Why do I feel so alone?

Is someone looking for me?


There are those who can read minds, not accurately, but they do a most impressive job. You see, only in a dream can there be a fluctuating future and a fluctuating past, as discovered by the scientists and physicists of quantum mechanics. All Time, according to the minds of our social worship, have discovered that our past and our present is all simultaneously happening. You can travel back and forth through something called the "wave functions." This is short for "thought used by the mind and consciousness" put together.


They explain it is as if you are looking at a movie. If you sit and watch the movie it may take 90 minutes. That is roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, if you have a special scientific device which can stop the movie, fast-forward, rewind, skip scenes or pause the movie, you can time travel within the movie. Think of it as the DVD player.


What would happen if you click the stop button?


I found it curious that you can store movies and then watch them whenever you like. Oddly enough, the movie doesn't change. After speaking to Dreamers called scientists and reading their findings, they have assured me that it is a bit more complicated than that. However, they assured me that I was treading upon the right path of comprehension.


They added that just like the movies, imagine having many movies side by side. The movies side by side would be considered multiple realities or dimensions.


Now imagine a movie player that could play all the movies at once. One person watching could then see many movies at the same time.


I felt that my idea about the dream was becoming more real. But just like a dream from which I have not awakened, now there was a new question. If I existed within the construction of multiple movies, each with their scientific devices of fast-forward and other controls, then who was watching the movies?


The scientist assured me that they had asked the same question and they were also perplexed. They assured me that this question had been around from as long as records could speak of.


Then they added something of major interest. What if the same actor could appear in multiple movies? Within my dream, I thought of as many actors as I could. I found one that seemed to be illusive. I chose Johnny Depp. He surely was a master of masking his identity through acting and surely, I thought, I was not going to make this easy to the Dreamers called Scientists. After all, every movie in which he performed, he was involved in a different character.


Once I had the actor in my mind, the scientist asked me a simple question. Is Johnny the same in all movies?


I pondered upon the perplexing phrasings of perpetual patterns and phenomena in past and present perceived realities within my dream.


I then fell upon asking the question, what if I lived in multiple dreams such as an actor, and these items that science called dimensions were indeed a reality of the illusion with the dream? That would be a perfect question that would achieve a scientific understanding of the dream.


That would mean that when I dream within a dream, I would be acting in another movie. This could explain the confused brothers that believed themselves to be the Dream Makers. They are in another dream that could flow through the dream that I was occupying, and therefore it would appear to them that they were not dreaming at all in very much the same way that it appeared to me that I was not dreaming. However, would that not give the watcher the advantage of fast forwarding the dream I was in? Who has the scientific controls to my dream that can allow me to flow backwards and forwards?


If such a scientific device existed, then perhaps that would explain "Deja Vu" and the ability to perceive future happenings and see past happenings.


Perhaps I will consider investigating this interesting detail in the future pages of this, The Short Book.


I found it interesting that the animals seem to be non-conscious yet in synchronism with the dream. They can predict weather patterns, earthquakes, and many other items that work within the rules and laws of this dream.


But sometimes the animals break the system. There are salamanders that grow and regenerate limbs.


Did you know that?

How is that possible?


In mathematics: {4 limbs - 1 limb = 3 limbs}.

However, {When 1 limb - 4 limbs = 3 limbs then (awareness ==> intentions + mind and focus = collapsing the quantum wave field ==> manifestation through conscious awareness = 1 limb + 3 limbs = 4 limbs.)}



These abilities are what we call glitches.


These questions are the key to discovering the mystery of the glitches.


In my dream, they, the other Dreamers, have presented me with books. I have read many books within my dream.


In one such book, there is a story of a man that did not speak and only communicated by way of thought. The story goes on to say that this man fell into a great sleep. The book goes on to say that soon after he spoke, he married, he loved, and he lived, he created demons and dragons, serpents and gods. However, the book never said he ever had awakened from his great sleep. Is he still dreaming and am I within his dream?


This man was known as Adam, no last name, just Adam. 


The book was discovered and studied by my brothers, and they chose to hide this secret.




It is known as one of the greatest secrets.


Is Adam in a coma, represented by sleep?


Should someone perhaps wake the poor fellow?


Are the people who hid this secret afraid of waking Adam?


What would you like done onto yourself?


Would you do the same onto Adam?


Such are the fears of the confused brothers. However, we continue to find more glitches.


There are those who have stopped the consumption of food for over 40 years. During the ancient Egyptian culture, there was one that stood amongst the rest and requested all who were there to stop their religious worship. He pointed to the Sun in the sky and told them all they needed to do is learn to breathe.


Our science God whom we so worship today have found much evidence in way of how the sun activated the plants' ability to feed itself through the sun. There is evidence that twenty minutes or so of sunlight assist with the pineal and pituitary glands located in the brain. I have discovered the pituitary gland is responsible for the human growth hormones which enable us to regulate our weight and produce regeneration of our cells and tissue. I am afraid even to begin to tell you what the pineal gland does, for fear that your dream will become a nightmare filled with conspiracies.



So why did the Catholics and the Christians kill and massacre all the pagan religions that had profound secrets such as these?


Could those so called "pagans" have had the answers of how to awake from the dream?


I guess I shall not know. The writings are all scattered and broken into pieces by Dreamers that were confused.


Or where those dreams misled?


Why were they misled?


Were they acting out like the psychiatrist and psychologist that is God over our status of help?


They didn't seem to even realize that they were dreaming.




Is this my dream or their dream?


If this were my dream, I would share everything with everyone so that they may grow and learn. However, this dream seems to be bi-polarized and confused.


Some of these individuals live in hiding, due to the villains that call these entities witches and wrong doers. However, would a person of such magnitude be able to stop world hunger?


There are many glitches that can be found in this dream. However, you may never know of these things, because you still sleep and cannot find that which you do not seek.


Hence you may dream as long as you like.


I find my confused brotherhood standing on the brink of war and tyranny.


They are confused. They believe in villains.


They are obsessed, they have not found a true purpose.


How can they?


There is no purpose to a dream other than to discover oneself.


Have you ever noticed that there is no time in a dream?


You may briefly set your head down and sleep forever. When you wake from your dream, you find a clock and convince yourself that you only have been asleep for merely a brief 10 minutes or so, however, when you were in the dream you found that time was measured in moments of forever.


But what is the clock if not but a mere illusion of time within yet another dream? There is no time where the faces of clocks have no hands. However, if you are clever you may find the clues in the clock with the bird that swings out to you and calls you "Coo Coo". Even though the clues are all around us, even the face of the clock sticks it tongue out at you in laughter. But the clock does it from its mind. For even the clock seems to have a mind.


The old and tired Grandfather clock, has the weight that one must hoist and lift so the gravity of weight perpetuates time. What occurs when the weights come to rest at the bottom and there is no more stress? Isn't it so that all is at rest and there is no more time? It simply stops.


For those who wind up Watchers, is it also true then that the stress produced by the tension of the spiral coil produces that which is time and when the stress is gone then there is no more stress and no more time?


For those with a battery within the watch, is it true that when the illusion of potential power in kinetics is used, it produces the flow of energy within the illusion of time? However, what happens when the battery's power runs out? Then is it not true that without the power and the force, time stops?


There you have it. The illusion at play.


The illusion is within the dream and it laughs at us Dreamers, it says that we are "coo coo", insane holding and attempting to suspend the weight against the gravity of things instead of dropping the weight from our shoulders. It tells us that we, ourselves, must create the tension within our own spiral lives just to see the spiral unwind its tensions, and so we reach for power and the force of enslaving others so that we can perpetuate the illusion of time, just so we can achieve purpose and meaning to a dream we cannot wake from. 


How can I ask a question about something I know not to ask?


How can I account for something of which I have no experience?


Though there are several different lessons within this dream, there is only one focus. In this dream we learn to wake.


Other Dreamers call me crazy and insane when I ask them about their dreams. However, it is they that wind up the clock, are in constant tension, believe in slavery and maintaining control of each other through illusions of money, marriage papers, drivers licenses, the illusion of being enslaved to time and meaning. It is they that find themselves feeling aggressive towards other entities within the dream and within the confines of the many prisons they have created for themselves.


I walk out in the street and visit homes, buildings, and I see my brothers arguing and frustrated about what?


I listen closely and yet I find myself unable to understand. Noticing my inquisitiveness, they are perplexed by the look on my face. Seeing this, most often they approach me and ask me for my opinions.


What is an opinion? Is it real?


I soon discovered that while in this dream, there are many illusions. Such illusions are these things called perspective and opinions. Their very own belief systems that perpetuate the cycle of fear that then perpetuate the very same results they do not want in their lives.


Countless Dreamers angry because they perpetually cannot find someone who will love them based on conditions and belief systems of bondage which they themselves have created?


How may I unlock your door if you are the bearer of the key? Did someone mail me a copy?


If they are so sure that I am mad, then perhaps I be mad? However, when I asked them why do they fail, they blame the other Dreamer. Ironic, that if you are thirsty you are the one that must drink. If you are hungry then you are the one that must eat. It should then stand to reason that if you do not do the things you need to do, then you do not get the things you need or desire.


It would make little sense to blame someone else for the consequence of my choice not to eat, to drink, to sleep. Then how come it makes sense to blame the other Dreamer for a life not desired by oneself?




I see the illusions within the dream and realize the perpetual madness it creates as a distraction to keep you in the dream. How can you be loved if you do not know what it is?


A marriage certificate is an illusion. It is more bondage than it is Love. Love is free and doesn't need to be incarcerated or captured. Be I mad or insane within this reality? The dream then has glitches. Reality should work under all circumstances if it were real.


After all, is it true that {1+1=2}?




[The following pages are not intended for recognition nor for debate. There are many books that can provide that type of entertainment.]






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