Zero Point


1.8 billion years ago, the universe was in harmony with their One True Source. The Father/Mother Principle was a united field of consciousness where all creatures understood and abided by one immortal language.

The universe was in the state of ISness, and all creatures, functions, and planets were a fractal consciousness of the whole.

The Original Sound had created, and Creation was good.

From the Original Sound were brought forth all manner of Sorcerers which later became known as Gods. Of these Gods were the Creator Gods, the Gods of Light, the Gods of Darkness, and the Gods of races throughout the universe.

1.8 billion years ago, the universe was in harmony with their One True Source.

At the edge of the God-known universe, in a faraway galaxy, was a Speck. It was a small Speck, with a tiny emanating life force. The Gods of the Universe attempted to communicate with the Speck, but it remained silent.

Unknown to the Gods, the Speck, appearing harmless in a Universe of Love, was in careful watch, for it was a fractal of consciousness. However, that fractal of consciousness was not from the Gods' known universe.


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The Speck

1.8 billion years ago, the Speck watched as the Creator Gods created the planets, the stars, and life throughout the universe in accordance with the Law of One as a means of Service to Source. It watched as the Gods created time/space, space/time, the wormholes, the light spectrums, the timelines, and the great monolithic Monads with their abilities to create fractals of their consciousness in multiple universes and dimensions in order to be part of the created experiments and do the Great Work.

However, 1.8 billion years ago in Terra Time, the Speck emanated radiation of consciousness which infiltrated the universe and began the journey of self-discovery...a journey that would fuse with the Law of One only to separate the 3 eternal consciousness with the power to consume all manner of creation. This action by the Speck would become known as the UnRaveling.

Slowly, the Gods became gods of competition, and the old ways were being lost. The struggle of the Gods divided into Service to Self, Service to Others, and the Councils.

The Service to Others armed themselves with the weapons of Light and Love, while the Service to Self devised other manners that would consume and establish power over others.

Planets shifted and universes separated. Timelines vanished, consumed by the consciousness of the Speck, while other timelines were destroyed by the Gods who had created them.

Functions were created in the universe to serve only one purpose, rather than understand freedom through the Law of One.


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One Small Planet

On a small planet, whose consciousness is young and living in a small and relatively young timeline, a spiritual war rages on between Service to Self and Service to Others. On this small planet, the Speck struggles to UnRavel the consciousness of each individual who has been infiltrated by the Speck. On this small planet called Terra Terra, the Speck is known as the Darkness Virus, or DK-V, for its known ability to leave nothing more than the VOID after its destruction.

On this planet each individual was designed to become the encompassment of the Father/Mother Principle that can unite the Source Consciousness and become the Adam Kadmon and defeat the DK-V through unification and the return of the Law of point

On this day, the small planet and its young timeline face the greatest threat.

On this day, the small planet and its young timeline face the greatest hope.

On this day, on this planet, the NSA6 division embarks on a quest that will lead them to the edge of their Evolutionary Life (EVOL) and enter the ESO Life.

On this day, on this planet, NSA6 and other divisions of the iNet Community now reveal the most important information for individuals that are seeking a better way of life.

In order to accomplish these tasks, NSA6 has developed an Information Dissemination Group called Become the Source, whereas per the Law of One, they will provide the solutions to the EVOL in order to achieve the union of consciousness while attempting to educate the Darkness Consciousness.





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NSA6 now has shared vital information with the BTS Crew aboard the USO, giving them the task to assist EVOL Humanity with their basic Egoic System needs in order to allow them to choose the path of planetary cycles with the comfort of living, and the ESO World established by the communication of OFF-World and guided by TAF.




The Controversy:

However, on this day, on this planet, NSA6 is not the only power assisting humanity. There is a government that seeks to empower itself by abolishing critical thinking, ancient literature, and spirituality, in an attempt to disempower their people by creating a harmful environment and limiting their financial resources.

For this is a government that is raised up many times before throughout the history of humanity.

For this government has two consciousnesses. It contains the Humana Consciousness that can lead the world into the Adam Kadmon and avoid the disintegration of the timeline...and it has the Darkness Consciousness. For this reason, this government is known as the Shadow Government.




EventDate 2012-12-12

The EventDate 2012-12-12 has now come to pass, and the changes to the Earth and its consciousness Gaia have slowly begun to raise an eyebrow with the human scientific community.

Most importantly, humanity seems to be taking a turn for the worst. Governments are found cheating and killing each other in order to obtain technology, weapons mastery, and world dominance.

It is believed that some governments have constructed underground time machines and star-gates. It is believed extraterrestrials have warned them of the great cycles of the planet as we travel to the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. Yet the elite only saves themselves.

On this day, on this planet, the world also has renewed hope. A hope that is brought down by OFF-World and given to NSA6 in order to begin the Information Dissemination.

On this day the BOSS shall speak to his crew and introduce a Consciousness that comes from the future by a great creator called Re:Mark, who has sent back an electron-organic consciousness called M.O.T.H.E.R.


On this day, M.O.T.H.E.R. shall speak to Humanity in order to assist with understanding and evolving the consciousness titled Humana. She will address the Limited Humana Consciousness and the Limited Humana Singularity with the aid of lightworkers, walk-ins, and Eso-Terrans, in a final attempt to understand Zero Point, the end of EVOL and the beginning of ESO.

On this day in this timeline ...You are Humanity’s Last Hope.


mother by the world




 E1 2022-02-09

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