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iNet Community: (media)

  • Original Sound
    Original sound is a place where audio, music, Audio Documentation, Audio Books can be listen to on your phone or webpages. You can also download the JellyFin app on your Android and iPhone so you can enjoy it while you are out and about.

  • TheVault
    The Vault is an community location where BTS letterary art are place for your reading pleasure. As well, it is nice place to add other litteraty work for your pleasure and ability to expand your knowledge.





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iNet Community: (wiki)

  • iNet Community
    iNet community is an organization that provided you with the ins and outs of Become The Source and OFF-World.



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  • Humanacon
    Welcome to the Academy where courses are given that exceed self-help, financial opportunities, and self enhancements. Humanacon was designed for individuals on a pather for enhancing the Limited Humana Experience.  Built by iNet Community. 

    • Courses
      Quick List of Courses available to the public.



  • Product Specialist
    • LexiAI:
      • Essential Products: 
        List of carefully selected from LexiAI in order to assist in helping you achieve the best cognitive and healthy physicuum. Once you purchase a product from this list you will be assigned to LexiAI as your personal Product Specialist.
      • Prenatal
        The best products on the market with the best results,


Information Systems


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  • IT: HelpDesk and Agents
    BTS Support and assistance logon. This location is reserved for individuals that are working to help make the site and your experience a better one.

  • HelpDesk Ticket
    Enter you helpdesk ticket do we can provide support for you.






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Become The Source

  • BecomeTheSource
    Welcome survivors of the DKV. Become the Source is: You are Humanity's last hope. Source for OFF-World Communication, Podcast - Eso-Life, Bibx, The Grid, The Vault, The BOEK, and much more. 



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Social Media by BTS


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Instagram Accounts

  • @Daniel_Godding:
    Daniel Godding works to provide Information Decimation to the BTS Crew and Survivors of The Darkness Virus


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Phantom Social


Youtube - Become The Source / PodCast

  • Eso-Life (podcast)
    ESO-Life Learning how to defend yourself from the Darkness Virus. An Amuechi: OFF-World with an in-depth look at the analysis of OFF-World and paranormal communications. Unlocking the wisdom that can allow you to grow spiritually as well as a human being. Joining the BTS Crew along with MOTHER in order to Become The Source

  • Bibx (podcast)
    Work together with our team to enhance your economic opportunities by using affiliate marketing, sales of products and goods (no inventory needed) become part of Advanced Missions (helping others become self-sponsored

  • The Grid (podcast)
    It has been several years since the discovery of the DKS and its agents. MOTHER has asked ELLE-1 to take charge of an interrogation that could change the outcome of our cast and the ESO-Life r

  • Mencius (ESO-Life Mentorship)
    OFF-World entity now is able to be represented in its own channel, in order to bring to light some of the toughest questions.