The Making of Become The Source







5c13a7ed-ef0a-4e19-af02-b7927d6589f4.pngWhere It All Began.

Become The Source is a creation that started in early 2008. However, technology was not ready for a storyline that would encompass real-world events, real-world knowledge, with a sci-fi story interwoven within it.

The original writers and designers of the sci-fi multidimensional storyline, have a great deal of experience in theology, science, paranormal, and the gaming world. Within their backgrounds are graphic arts, cinematography, and have published other novels under their own names.


During a major event in 2010, which actually happen, allow them to tap into paranormal communications, and emphasis on understanding multiple dimensional theories came to the forefront of exploration.


However, rather than bore readers and their followers with more information about things that go bump in the night and can't be proven, an effort was made to create a writing style that would provide the ability to combine multiple worlds, use space-time and time-space dimensional theories, as well as unnerve government secrets.


The writing style that was used had to be developed in order to allow for the readers to be able to follow through a storyline that possessed a lot of hidden pockets, mysteriously opening doors, multidimensional theories, and of course a good old G.I. Joe moral to the story.


Combining their efforts in the literary arts as well as combat arts the group of individuals decided to embark on a journey to develop the perfect writing style.




Relevant Point Of View:

the writing style called relevant point of view that with some of the toughest methods of describing a story through whatever character was in the mind's eye at the time. The ability to follow a character through the story from one point to the next and then pick up with another character just to return to the same one later was a daunting task.


However, once it was completed and all was said and done the project seemed to be a success.


Establishing the name Amuechi was also quite interesting since the writers of the storyline wanted to be able to define good morals and good teachings through the ability of the storyline that would fill in with 90% truths (arbitrary number) and 10% fiction in order to create a more profound effect for the readers. The goal was to educate the readers as they read. As well, the Amuechi style of writing was meant to confuse fact and fiction so that individuals could find many linking stories to the real world. This in effect created a bit more believable and solid sci-fi story ever told.


while the style of writing is depicted by the writing style titled Amuechi, the focus worked is called a Mookie.


The Title "OFF-World" was heavily inspired by the 2010 experiment.


By combining OFF-World information combined with the real work, the story became a success and a very good instrument for opening the mind into the world of possibilities.


There is more to come...