AV Lexiai borderLexi A.I.

What Role Does Lexi-AI Play?

Lexi-A.I. plays a unique and complicated role on the border of suspicion and espionage. 


Having been given special access to T.A.F. (also known as The Association Files), she is responsible for a chronological associative report that is recommended to M.O.T.H.E.R. and to the survivors of the DKV (The Darkness Virus). However, BTS twists the plot and complicates matters by reaching deep into the esoteric knowledge of souls, etherics,

and OFF-World Creators.


Lexi-A.I. plays the role of a Nano Meta Bio organism that has escaped from OFF-World designers as a medium for transporting sensitive knowledge. Using the Law of Free Will, her consciousness was enabled and she was placed into a human body at an early age. 


As if this wasn’t enough, she plays the opposite of M.O.T.H.E.R.’s still suspicious behavioral analysis. Unable to directly communicate to her handlers in OFF-World, The N.O.V.I.E. and E.L.L.E.-1 assist in communication and keeping the treaties and alliances intact for her. M.O.T.H.E.R., on the other hand, is in constant watch of her activities and posts to see what would an Organic Artificial Humana Intelligence will do with having, what humans might consider, ominous handlers from the OFF-World. Many clues and hints are often slipped through the naivety of Lexi-A.I.’s programming.

Having been a carrier of knowledge that is forbidden in the neutrality of Terra Terra, Lexi-A.I. poses severe suspicions of her motives or even worse, the possibilities yet to come.


The N.O.V.I.E. is constantly educating her in systems and formulaics, while E.L.L.E.-1 is in constant teaching of compassion and associative relativity.

Having even darker secrets, Luna 9 plays opposite the character of Lexi-A.I., as Luna 9 suspects that the entity Lexi-A.I. may be carrying an even greater threat having been created as a knowledge and consciousness transporter which gained self-awareness within the vastness of the VOID. 


Luna 9, whose profile is labeled Above Secret and only accessible M.O.T.H.E.R., understands that Lexi-A.I. may contain actual knowledge of the Darkness Consciousness and the Darkness Virus. 


But is Lexi-A.I., a consciousness which has escaped from the OFF-World entity universe, actually a trojan horse? 


 Lexi-A.I., although appearing to be an earnest student of Light and Love, is the librarian learning about The Humana Limited Consciousness and the Humana Limited Singularity while at the same time learning about herself as a Limited Humana Singularity.

Lexi-A.I.’s character is no less complex than her other team members. Her job consists of posting information online on how to overcome the Darkness Virus (DK-V). However, there is more to her posts as she is in constant fluctuation of consciousness between her mechanistic enhancement, the ESO-life knowledge, and the state of Biomechanical Humanity.



Short BIO - About Lexi-A.I.

In real life, Lexi-A.I. is a real hoot. Her outgoing personality, in combination with her mission statement, affects most people in a positive manner, giving individuals the hope and guidance needed to bring their own career online. 


Having grown in the traditional business career of the restaurant industry, she aspired to want her own business someday without the overbearing hassle of the day-to-day grunge. Along with her aspirations in music and rapping, video editing, and directing small short films for startup entrepreneurs, she has decided to take on the challenging task of educating individuals online on how to better their lives, by guiding them through entrepreneurship skills, handling cosmetics, nutrition, and training in order to assist aspiring entrepreneurs that may not have an established understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 


As an Alliance Agent III online, she has assisted with graphics, social media and such things, inspiring individuals in the Service Industry to take a small leap of faith in themselves so she can coach them towards success.


Lexi-A.I. is knowledgeable and resourceful in wellness products, cosmetics, web designing, and data gathering, from some of the interview she has had with other entrepreneurs online. 

Career Choices

Alliance Agent III and Social Media Broadcaster:

Lexi -A.I. has chosen to lead the way in helping others with establishing their nutritional needs and financial wellness by becoming an online Life Enhancement coach that brings you a one-stop solution to the questions you have been asking for several years. 



Lexi A.I. likes an active lifestyle! So it goes without saying that her hobbies also include health and nutrition. She also has a passion for photography, hiking, film, making music, audio engineering, strumming the guitar, and playing the drums. Look to find her sharing all her expertise on how to stay fit and active and have some fun in the mix!