MemJogger (S2E04) BIBX - Be a Professional Even Outside the Office?


Do you feel like just being yourself when you are at home and with your friends? What if there was an invisible standard that was designed to help you grow and have better friends and a better relationship? Would you change it? Do you feel like changing for others is compromising who you really are? No doubt that there are a lot of misguided signals and misinterpretations on how to be yourself as well as agreeable with others.


Today we discuss whether being a professional human being outside of work is beneficial. What are some of the secrets used by some of the more well-known influencers? Let’s have a cup of coffee or a nice drive home and discuss your missed opportunities and discover some secrets on the benefits of being a professional even outside of the office.


Tune in to see what the BTS Crew has to say!