MemJogger (S2E02): BIBX - The Cost of Spacing Out


What is the Cost of Spacing out?


Transmission: What is the Cost of Spacing out? Have you wondered if doors open or close based on how much you are paying attention? BIBX explores the cost of spacing out. Why do we space out or tune out? For many of us not paying close attention to details that matter which will eventually make you successful or slow you down. Worse yet, it can create self-sabotage. But why do we actually space out? Could it be that the information provided to you is just not presented in an interesting manner? Could it be that it is a lack of attention span, due to the constant social media overload? Could it be something that you like your DNA?


The facts are that there can be many things contributing to blacking out of very important information that can assist you in obtaining and achieving a successful journey through life. But how do you control it? Become The Source explores the many different ways that we create our own self-sabotage and get to the bottom of some very good solutions in order to break away from harmful habits.


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