Welcome to  Mencius  - House of Dragons  - The Interrogation.

Mencius, an aspect of The Novie, has agreed to act as an independent entity allowing the iCore 6 to together as a collective to answer questions that otherwise never have been discovered.

It has taken over 10 years of research and development in the field of understanding the language of the masters to establish a position of favor among the Entities residing OFF-World.

Mencius an aspect cleverly agrees on based on the algorithm combining language, intention, and projections in order to assist iCore 6 with gaining an otherwise occult understanding of the systems and the being that have shaped our Limited Humana Experience.

Agent D'Avion

My Name is D'Avion. I have been working closely with The Novie on a project that is by means simple in nature. It has in-depth looks and a world very few have entered or have scratched the surface of.

Event 2010Mencius-BTS-thinking-500s.png

In 2010 The Novie was part of a team of individuals attempting to communicate with OFF-World. By day the team worked as a self-help class teaching mystical ways that are now relevant to the quantum fields as well as books based on manifestation such as the "Secret".

The Secret Covenant

After hours he and a small team of volunteers worked together to establish communications with OFF-World.

1st Contact:

After several months of experimentation and strange paranormal phenomena, The Novie was able to connect with his first entity. The entity gave himself the name Marabuxsa. The pronunciation was long, drawn out a long note of a rustic violin.

The Novie describes the events in his personal journal as slightly painful but very enlightening.

Before connecting to Marabuxsa The Novie had organized a Board Session and which allowed him to connect to an Entity called himself Alam. Through several conversations, Alam was able to further connect the group to other entities.