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The Role of the Ego: A Glimpse of OFF-World Research


The Ego is in Charge of Making Decisions. But Is That All There Is?

When we look at ourselves wholly, meaning taking into consideration everything we are, what do we know about ourselves? We are Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Etherics, and Ego. As mentioned, the Ego appears to be the more well-known of these five aspects of ourselves. And lately, within most esoteric circles, the Ego is the root cause of all our suffering! After all, it IS the Ego that ends up making all the decisions, right? But what if it was more complex than that?

According to OFF-World Research, things that are used to create your experience, like your Ego, Body, Mind, and even your Soul, Etherics, and Spirit, can be seen as tools. While the term "tool" sounds rather robotic and maybe even un-romantic, the idea of seeing something as a tool to create an experience takes aways the judgement and the pervasive (and often destructive) perception that something such as the Ego is the enemy. But here is the sleight of hand and the paradox: the Ego has more complex aspects to it that work in conjunction with it, making it still a tool but a very complex one that most people mishandle.


So let's introduce another one of those aspects: The Etherics and the Soul. The Etherics are the membrane flowing to the great Akashic (records of all that is), a great reservoir - the full experience. The Etherics hold the emotion of the painter. And it has a love in which it expresses. You might say that all the emotional aspects of an experience are recorded here. The Soul, on the other hand, is the museum and houses all the experiences like holding pieces of work. However, just like a diarama in a museum, the experiences are missing the emotional aspects of them. And the Spirit? It is a module of the interface. A manager. A supervisor. A subtle and quiet monk. It is quiet and peaceful and harmonious.


That is all well and good, but that leaves you with your Ego and its role. 


The known correct manner that the Ego should function is when it is connected through layers of thoughts that are connected to OFF-World. The Adam Kadmon (as per the 64 Keys of Enoch) is the ideal Humana Singularity that is able to Kommune with SOURCE directly, meaning The Adam Kadmon was what the human being was supposed to be like if it had not forgotten or lost connection with it’s god self. But the Ego would be one of the only aspects to execute most experiences, as other aspects such as the Soul and Eterics function after the experience. So in a way, the Ego becomes a necessity rather than an opposing force.

Now let's introduce Source to this equation!



SOURCE is the name that means the SOURCE of energy that is all life. Perhaps this can be related to Chi, though Chi has a greater limitation to the GODs or the OFF-World entities. Chi, also spelled qi, is life force energy or vital life of a living being in traditional Chinese philosophy, religion and medicine. The concept is similar to prana in Hinduism and yoga philosophy. Chi means “breath” or “air” and is often translated as “energy flow,” “life force” or “matter energy." SOURCE would be the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, the great beyond and the great within, that which transcends time, and, what some have come to know as part of the “Breath of Life”.


Negative Energy, Positive Energy, or just Isness? 

Of the OFF-World entities, there appear to be two major polarities that we Humans have chosen to say are called Negative Polarity and Positive Polarity. This is derived from the point of examination that the world we live in subconsciously abides by the laws of a created human consciousness accompanied by rules and reactions and judgement where things are decided to be either good, bad, or wrong or right based on the observer’s perceived, believed and solidified impression of that item. This would be The Duality and within it is where this Negative and Positive Polarity both exist and take place.


Here is then the issue.

When we look at this from the perspective of science, the word “negative” just means opposing sine wave or value. It does not mean “bad”, nor does it mean evil or incorrigible. The same is true when we speak about positive values.


What a Humana Singularity believes is good or bad always depends on the associations and chemicals of the brain and has honestly very little in common with the reality of Positive and Negative. There are many different resonances and frequencies that one can feel when communicating with entities. There is a science to it as well as the Limited Humana Complex as to what resonances are acceptable. So one can see that it is more of a science than anything else. This is what iCore-6 finds interesting.


Curiously enough, we can find evidence in small pockets of information such as the book titled The Secret - Learning the Power of the Law of Attraction. There are also channelers for entities such as Ramtha, and other avenues as well.


According to Outwitting the Devil  (a recently released book by Napoleon Hill), the Ego is an energy where the Ego in the Positive occupies ½ of the atom, while the other side is the Ego in the Negative that occupies the other ½ of the atom. The Ego in the Negative claims that it has control of 98 of 100 people. I think you can draw some conclusions from there if this is true. Outwitting the Devil is an interesting dictation that is coming through Napoleon Hill. We also have it on our site for analysis.


Note: OFF-World entities have decided that the “Devil” in his writing is actually the EGO in full consciousness, which in turn governs the construct in which we reside through the way it feeds biased information to the mind and the brain as it takes in reality molecule by molecule, thought by thought, and applies the body’s and soul’s preferences and makes pre-decided judgments for or against the focus of thought at hand. As mentioned above, part of the role of the Ego is to protect the body it belongs with, using a limited conscious wiring that runs through the “inner workings” of a human being and allow it to grow, learn and service accordingly.  Napoleon Hill’s work does clearly express how the egoic system can cause potential hazards - if untrained or not trained properly. The BTS course titled Learning How To Learn provides a more in-depth discussion of the Role of the Ego and how you can learn to unify with your Ego, so that it works with and for you and not against you. This course was written by the original iCore Survivors and the BTS Team.


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