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LogDate: 2022-01-20



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AV The NovieThe N.O.V.I.E.


It is amazing how long it takes to recover from a simple event in life. For example, just one year ago, during COVID, we moved our cyber location and broadcast studio not realizing that it would take almost one year to rebuild in order to help individuals achieve their goals. Most of you know we offer individuals at home the opportunity to make revenue using some of the best products and services such as "The Revenue Challenge", "It’s My Life", and a few other projects.


A lot of times individuals that don't actually broadcast or create a means of communication often think that it's all about the dollar. Meaning, the only reason we broadcast is to secure our own income. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most often those who have a wealth of something only want to share. It is not our fault that there are popular ideas that have us pitted against each other. For example, a lot of folks that don't own a business would never know that in order to keep the business you have to make a profit, not to keep the lights on, but to make sure that the taxation and government revenue giants don't shut you down.


To be blunter (is that a word?): If you don't make a profit in three years they shut down your corporation or your company because in their eyes a business that does not make a profit after a certain time is just an expensive hobby.




On the other side, keeping it may be not-so-blunt so that all humans can understand, if you want to broadcast without having the architecture of a corporation, then your assets and peace of mind are vulnerable if someone decides to sue you for absolutely no reason at all.

Yet, despite all these pain points, if there is a definitive purpose in building something, the work will be done regardless, and the setbacks will eventually give way to the progress that inevitably comes with it. We have continued onward - despite all the changes and setbacks in the past few years because we have a definitive purpose to assist others. So once again, it is because of YOU, our viewers and supporters, that we are still able to exist and keep going. Just saying "Thank You" is not enough to express our gratitude.



AV The NovieThe N.O.V.I.E.

So the fact is, we're very happy to be back online and assisting our members and viewers, with as much information as we can that goes straight to the core. Along our journey, E.L.L.E.-1 has also been a great help at redesigning our current community (with the help of Lexi AI and Luna 9) by restructuring the content on this website. And despite all the chaos, we still have a few points to celebrate. This year we are proud to announce that we have gained one more person on our staff - none other than Dr. Orr. His ability to assist us with the real human condition has motivated us here at Become the Source.


Returning Back On-Air: Scheduled For Early May.

Restarting our brand-new broadcasts will also be slightly challenging because we have additional resources assisting the Limited Humana Singularity. We also understand a more in-depth version of the Egoic system and how it has a definite impact on whether you succeed or not in business - and life itself.


Extended Crew.

In our crew, we also have an extended staff allowing us to break down more complex information and bring you up-to-date Information Dissemination. Stay tuned to see this extended crew - we think you’ll like them!

We are hoping that they can add fresh new insight and perspectives into the broadcasts and storyline itself.




Why We Have Taken so Long to Get Back Online.

As it seems one of the reasons why we have taken a little bit more time in generating brand-new content, is because of several factors. Some of them you already know. It seems like some individuals infected with the DK Virus decided to create a little havoc on the world, or so we are told. Whatever the case may be, it has created an influx of shortages in the market at a crucial time when we were rebuilding our location and our site.

We also were performing other maintenance in other locations, which also took a great deal of time and effort. But thanks to some of the BTS Crew members like Lexi AI, we decided to revamp our information library so that you could achieve a more clear and in-depth understanding of how to reach tools, resources, and become part of a community that solely believes in achieving the better you.


Revamped Website.

BTS Site 6 is currently still receiving some finishing touches. We appreciate your patience and understanding in our journey through life.




We Are Dedicated.

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has crippling effects on different aspects of the world. It is no wonder many people see world-changing events like this as a kind of end-times, especially when they have had projects, relationships, prospects, and systems they once relied on fall apart in the last 2-3 years. 

It is easy to say that this is not a time to do anything too risky, and with good reason. But this can also be a trap. No matter where you are in life, and no matter what resources are available or not available, time is still time. 


Regardless of the state of affairs, now is the best time to move forward, even if we are restricted in many ways. So with renewed faith in humanity (thanks to the encouragement from our viewers and supporters), we trudge forward to continue helping you become your best version of YOU.


We Will Continue to Keep You Posted Here at BIBX.




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