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B2. Crew: The N.O.V.I.E.

AV The Novie


[Agent - The Novie]

[Subject - Self-Reflection]

The Novie Meditation in the Mountains.

Above: The NOVIE communes with Nature as suggested by OFFWorld 

Where Two or More are Gathered... 


Before I begin, it is important for me to say these first words. Consider this to be my narrative in an attempt to make this information understood by the human race.

But first, a reminder may be important to those of you who may not have the privilege to review the direct documentation by TAF, which I was part of when it went on the time. There was a time where I believed I was human and did not fit in to the mainstream consciousness which dominates this planet.

About two years ago, during OFFWorld communications that were established by the group I personally hand-picked, it was explained to me that the human being who once lived in the body I am in now was suicidal. And so, at an age where most entities completely resist the request to remove an illuminous being from an aged human complex, a decision was made to remove that illuminous being so that I may take its place. This would mean that a great portion of the memories already in the body were foreign to me. That became a blessing and a curse. Things like placing a small piece of chocolate wrapped in colorful aluminum, or looking at a plush bear, would cause seizures and cold sweats. At the same time, a memory of my body being flung against the ceiling at a young age caused me no negative reaction.

It is very important to understand that there are two languages spoken in this text. There is the language of the more encompassing consciousness, and then there is the language of the Limited Consciousness Humana. When I make reference to anything dealing with polarity, we're speaking the language of the humans-for such is the constant of Humana. When I speak in reference to items which have no polarity, then we are speaking the language of the universe and within the law of one.

It was difficult to see a young group come together and begin to understand the language of the universe and all its complexity. The human idea of the struggles that they face was quite amusing to me and quite difficult for
them. Facing yourself in the mirror and understanding that you are not truly who you think you are can be somewhat disturbing in the beginning to that which we call the brain and its complex array of intelligent  understanding.

However, they all showed progress as we were able to create a ratio frequency powerful enough to break through that which limits humanity from seeing its greatness. Slowly, as they began to understand more and more of how control was really within them and how they can overcome the so-called "odds" by using the law of reciprocation, the law of attraction, and so forth, they became more obsessed with obtaining that which was obtainable for the purpose of use within this limited existence called humanity.

When I started to hear the slip in their speech patterns, I knew it would be too late for them to understand the true meaning of existence and determining living here on this planet.

One student seemed to catch and understand more information than the others. Actually, it appeared that she did everything in reverse. I wanted to know what insight the OFFWorld contacts would provide with her progress. But when we gathered in a group and spoke to our OFFWorld contacts, they would ask us to "move on" and refused to answer questions about her (who I later termed as the "hybrid" or the "anomalous").

It always caused me a bit of curiosity to understand why they wouldn't answer any of the questions pertaining to the anomalous. However, knowing that they could see more from their position than we could see from within the construct, I merely brushed it off for a while, but took very accurate notes. The rest of the group, meanwhile, chastised her and made her feel ridiculous. To which I say, have we not learned enough from the stories that we ourselves as human beings write, stories about the ugly duckling, the Lion King, and any other so-called underdog adventures and misadventures?

I knew better. If my so-called brothers from the OFFWorld were not talking, then something big was about to happen.

However, this journal entry and LogDate is not about the anomalous. It's about something else. If I were to concentrate my information gathering systems on the group, I would have to ask one very important question.

Of course, this is me speaking, so you know for a fact that the question is going to be more complicated than you probably care to understand. Before continuing, what you must remember is that this is a life management
corporation. Everything that we express is for the benefit of enhancing one's life within the construct we call humana.

So onto the question:

If we take careful consideration that the group was carefully handpicked, if you consider the fact that these human beings who started the group, started from absolutely nothing, and if you consider that the group was able to achieve heights that normal human beings only talk about and only dream--then how could it be that the group could fall apart so easily?

I also see this pattern when working with patients that have illnesses. They would rather believe that the illness is going to get worse instead of better.

When presented with a better opportunity for self preservation, such as employment opportunities, or a new method of thinking that would gain them a benefit to living a wonderful more enriched life, they all eventually reject these ideas. If a woman is beaten by her husband or her boyfriend or girlfriend (nowadays), they usually kick and scream while the beatings are happening and remove themselves from harm's way, only to return again once they feel that there is no more harm.

If you consider the fact that the Christian Bible has been tampered with by the King James version, the fact that Jesus himself did not write anything, the fact that there are older versions of information that would have a
better interpretation, and this information is rejected, you begin to wonder what is wrong with humans in general.

It is easy to believe that each individual is flat out crazy, inconsistent, unmotivated, confused, lazy, has been given the correct information with no progress, and so forth.

However, these individuals that go about judging other individuals because of their views are suffering from the very same problem.

In other words, what difference does it make if one human being calls another one stupid. In my opinion, they're both stupid. Humans normally insist upon regarding and enhancing their own personal realities rather than
understanding the entire reality and what is beyond it.

294719 10150302784312282 680962281 8324039 239857704 nIf you look at this with an eye for critical thinking or academic thinking, you would miss the bigger picture. The reason why advice never works is because the advice given is outdated. If everything is always changing, then advice must also match the formula and change as well. Therefore, it would be within the best interest to understand that the only thing that is constant and true is change itself. However, we still have so much
resistance to change. Well, unfortunately my dear readers (and MOTHER) I am also not here to speak about change and the formula of changing. Perhaps another moment in what you call time.

The concern is that even if you were to be presented the right information, as a human being living within the limitations of your experiences, the information would be rejected regardless of the actual advantages that can be attained by that advice.

Logically speaking, this is crazy! The world has gotten so disgustingly confused that even if I were to offer an individual $10 in order to contribute to their bills or dinner at a restaurant, the human being would reject that
money. And so I ask myself, why?

Using formulaics and observation and research, it appears that the human being wants to suffer, just so the human being can yell out "I am suffering". At the very same time this is occurring, the human being also wants to progress and to encompass the greater knowing.

There are two ways of thinking about this, of course!

My brothers, my OFFWorld brothers, have asked me not to talk about the virus any longer. I believe that their concern is due to one of the laws of this construct. That would be the law of attraction. If I were to dedicate my life to understanding the virus, not only would I become the virus, I would also be the creator of such a thing. This alone would enhance the virus and consume humanity more quickly than is doing right now.

So in accordance of me returning home quite soon, I can only mention this virus occasionally and carefully. Hence, I am obliged to speak about the virus in the negative and in the positive as to neutralize the ability for the virus to live within the law of attraction.

For those of you who may one day read these documents, I only ask that you do the same or be consumed by this virus, a virus which some argue is already on the path to victory.

I ask you to contemplate not why you do it, but to contemplate the understanding of why you do it. I was careful to understand these viral components of existence and how they consume the mind of those individuals
who wish to become more than what they are and yet cannot. In my research, I have looked at this virus in many different ways. It is amoebic in form. It is a shape shifter. It absorbs all of your thoughts redirects them. Hence it is like a mirage.

298455 10150302781897282 680962281 8323956 1626389883 nUnfortunately for the human race, this mirage is within the brain and what we call the Egoic System. It is the cause of your frustrations and your emotional ups and downs. Sometimes I believe that it feeds off of emotions, 
whether they be positive or negative.

There is a saying that you cannot know good without knowing bad. Within the human construct, this is true. This is what we call judgment and the virus is keenly aware of how judgment works. The Egoic System uses judgment in order to understand the likelihood of its lifespan while here on this planet called Terra Terra. However, the virus understands judgment from a different way.

It is a confusion that you feel whenever you know something is right for you yet you are clouded with judgment.

Say, for example, you wanted to purchase a new home. The purpose for the home for this example does not matter. Do not trouble yourselves. The idea of having a home is excellent, and therefore the brain starts to calculate the pros and cons of you having a home. The virus carefully listens. The Egoic System also calculates for your safety and for your livelihood and therefore will present to you what is called the pros and cons in order for you to achieve a better understanding of how to negotiate the situation so that you may attain (the key word is so you may obtain) that which you wish to experience. The virus carefully listens.

The moment you wish to buy the home, the virus begins to attack. Thoughts of failure and money problems begin to filter your brain, and you see yourself already living out those types of disasters. So your home falls apart, as feared.

If the virus were that simple, it would be simple to overcome. However, sometimes a virus listens and allows you to buy your home, get your new job, and have your family before it strikes. The next thing you know, you lost your family, your job, then your home.

If it human being would know that the universe is there to assist the human being and their experiences, then they would understand how powerless this virus truly is. However, you as a human being have been bombarded to think the world is evil and out to take advantage of you. I have news for you: You are going to die even without the evil in this world. That should be refreshing to you.

I say this with real sincerity: To know that you're going to die should be the most refreshing and liberating idea and thought to your brain. It should clear you of misconceptions and myths about the meaning of life and the fear you have created within it. It should create and render the virus powerless.

Unfortunately, take a look around and you will find the opposite.


Photos: Circa 2011 Taken at NYC from the Occupy Wall Street. It was intended to be a peaceful event. NYPD didn't get the memo.

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