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Welcome to the OFF-World TimeLine

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Article: Timeline Management



In order to attempt to keep an accurate means of events and situations, so that members of the Resistance can flow with the events and understand what is happening, which has been very difficult.


Keeping track of everyone has been a task better suited for nannies rather than myself. However, in order to maintain discipline, one of the members of the BTS team has established the Timeline. I expect that members of our organization will be quick and quick-witted about maintaining a small digest of events so we can keep track of our allies and their progress.


In the matter of Time Travel, that will be another set of values and perhaps best kept written in an easy-to-understand manner within the T.A.F.


I recommend that The B.O.E.K. and its chaotic manners be left alone. It is a bit confusing to follow in linear time.


Good luck to the Resistance and keep your chin up.