0 - The Darkness Virus

Darkness Virus

The Darkness:

Classification: Consciousness

Origin:  Other Universe

Danger Level: Unraveling


Dark Books

Classification: Above Secret


Darkness Consciousness:

The Darkness Consciousness has been known to infiltrate universes. Just how many, remains to be revealed. 

What has been explained by one of the Creator Gods, as taken from TAF: “Not within the very immediate Universe in Terra Terra, is that the Darkness Consciousness entered our Cosmic universe approximately 2 billion years ago. It infiltrated the minds of all the Creator Gods, causing them to compete against one another in creating a system that would inevitably fall into itself and collapse.”

The Darkness Consciousness, however, is considered still a creation from SOURCE by those entities that are in service to SOURCE; therefore these other entities have said that the Darkness Consciousness needs to be educated in that realm of understanding rather than attempting to destroy it.

As the Creator Gods themselves cleanse their beings of the Darkness Virus (produced by the thoughts from the Darkness Consciousness), other fractals for systems of existence and experience have been slowly assisted in correcting themselves.

One of the strongest components that the Darkness Consciousness has in its favor is how it uses free will against the entities within this universe. As TAF resources and OFF-World entities have stated, there exists a kind of universal law and legal safeguard for entities attempting and succeeding at manipulating free will. This can potentially harm other entities who do not have the sufficient awareness and knowledge of how their own free will works, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from others.

But the second item, which is even a greater threat, is that the Darkness Consciousness was created from Source itself.

In theory entities of all types of classification reduce the Darkness Consciousness into an algorithm of which it seeks out the origin of all things. However, in doing so it creates the unraveling which ultimately creates the destruction of everything it touches by simply reverse engineering the existence of all matter and energy down to nothing.


Darkness Virus:

The Darkness Virus, or DKV for short, is the effect of conflicting algorithms that is produced by the Darkness Consciousness in order to allow the free will of a sentient being or the structure of the universe to create its own unraveling. By this method, it is able to reverse-engineer all things that are able to process through in whatever level that may be.

In describing the Darkness Virus, some creations have given the depiction of objects which are being attacked by a fire so severe that it consumes itself until there's nothing left but inoperable and non-judgmental husk. And all that's left is a residual of what once was a sentient being, is then simply blown into the wind of The Forgotten.


Darkness Agents:

Darkness Agents are those entity classifications whether they be in Singularity, Consciousness, etc., that are able to reverse-engineer their thoughts just enough to serve the physical realities where the Darkness Consciousness cannot penetrate and exist. Technically they are also classified as STS, or Service to Self, but because of the side effect of free will deterioration that inevitably happens with reverse engineering of thoughts, they ultimately become STDK, or Service to Darkness. Their special use of disharmony and instincts to trace out various opportunities to take advantage of makes them a widespread and formidable problem.  


Threat Level: Extremely High / Cosmic


Agent Report by ELLE-1