Memjogger (S2E05): BIBX - iNReview : It's Not Easy, But it's Simple with Jodie - MasterMinds Session


Bibx: Exploring the mind of a successful Entrepreneur: with Jodi Easton It’s true each day people are making more money online than you think. If you are not part of an online social or entrepreneur media you are definitely missing out on the need to successfully secure your income in the next few years. However, do you trust and what can you do? Just ask Jodie.


As Jodie describes, life is nowhere near perfect, but you can continuously perfect yourself by organizing your thoughts and starting with a few simple goals. Jodie is so sure you can succeed that she invites you to be part of her team. Bibx is asking all the hard questions so you don’t have to. Join us in this exclusive interview where we meet and have a candid and friendly conversation with someone we personally have seen rise to the top ranks of success. There are many tips and tricks for you beginners and doubters.


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