0 - Brothers - Mencius

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BTS Crew: Instructor











Brother STO

Affiliation: House of the Dragons

Aspect: The NOVIE

Assignment: Open Corp / USO 

Origin: 10th and 6th Dimension

Rank: NA

Classification: Entity


BTS ELLE 1 xenomorph dragon symbiote black techno organi



Although there are many classifications for entity and entities alike, Mencius is a direct aspect of The NOVIE. 

His insight and strategic Cosmic intelligence that can be applied to Limited Humana Singularity and The Limited Humana Singularity Consciousness serves greatly in understanding the finer details of Creations living within stable Constructs.

Working with BTS and The Grid in order to establish a liaison and a project called The Interrogation.

As an aspect, Mencius has also endured conditions that require chaos, the Darkness Virus, as well as the equation revolving around existence versus life experience.

The NOVIE’s ability to connect with other entity classifications outside of his own Dimension as well as the Construct has allowed the continuous progression and communications with entities such as Mencius.

Note: Mencius does not share his actual holographic projection, so when he was created out of Meta-Technologies, it was the best-suited method as it blocked some of the distractions of past lifetimes and affiliations.


As it appears, entity singularities within their experiential forms can also commune or connect with all the resources such as aspects. It is equally important to understand the difference between aspects and doppelgangers in this case.


Primary Missions:AV Mencius port 002

  • Establishing assistance with an outside point of view and point of reference that may assist the Limited Humana singularities within Terra Terra.
  • Serves as a medium and gateway for the purpose of connecting with other, otherwise, not approachable entities classification.
  • Has developed an opportunity to create a liaison with ELLE-1,  in documentation called the Interrogation.

Additional Findings and Analysis: 

Currently assisting with writing The BOEK, TAF,  and other resources.