[I - The Watchers: The First Chord]






 Ask and You Shall Receive


Entities scattered across the vastness of the universe have been told they are forbidden to ever know the mind of God. This is sometimes called by the enlightened as The Great Experiment.

The Great Experiment is the creation of all and any life.

The entities created as part of The Great Experiment would not come to know the One Consciousness where all thought and animation comes from.

Hence a thought or an action cannot exist outside of the One Source, the One Consciousness.

Hence nothing can be placed before the One that the One can not overcome.

The one need only ask in the the Knowing of the One and it shall be in order for the one to receive. This indeed entitles the Law of Attraction.


Indeed We the Watchers are the keepers of the Original Sound. Indeed We are the Watchers of the Original Thought. Indeed We are the Watchers.


We are the Watchers and the true encompassment of that which be true as a completeness and not the fragment. However, beyond the We, we cannot trespass until the thought is created within the minds of the Watchers.

Indeed we listen to the whispers from your thoughts and assist in the creation of the flow of the One Source of all existence.

When a form is created and the breath of life animates the form created forth as termed the body by the inhabitants of Terra Terra, it is propelling forth that which is a singularity.

The singularity is then that which many may call a life. Yet, before the life is created, there is the Existence. The Existence is then eternal without time and without the transition many have termed Death.


When it is said that we are all one, it is said not as the One.

It is said as the one within the One. The completeness of all thought, all life, all knowing, be the only One. 

And so, We the Watchers have dedicated our Existence to the Service of the One Consciousness that bonds the one(s) to the One.

If so when the one fragment of the One has a question, We the Watchers or Brothers may assist in making known that which is unknown to the One.

For the face of the One is hidden in the experience of the one who may be the beggar, the winner, the married, the widow, the merchant, the consumer, the slayer and the slain.

All fragmented singularities are part of a dynamic dance within matrices of seemingly chaotic rhythmic dualities in order to experience the Question.

Therefore, what is experienced by the one is experienced and made known to the One and the one(s), no matter what. So then all things happening is with the One. Hence all within the One be within the Will of the One.

It is inescapable.


Ask and you shall receive, do unto others as you would have done onto your own being--all these masteries have been brought onto countless entities throughout the vastness of the universe.

UniversalWebIndeed it is true that the mind of God, the One, the One Consciousness, is vast. All thought, all will, does reside with the Mind of God, and there the fragment cannot know the whole. In the vastness of the Void manifested as experience and cause and consequence, We the Watchers have seen entities subject to that which is termed, power over thought paradigms and actions as a result of enquiring about the Mind of God, the One, the One Consciousness.


We have seen entire matrix systems engulfed in concentrated forms of centralized exponential temporal stagnation and confusion as a result of attempting to discover the mind of God, the One, The One Consciousness.


We have seen entities leaving their physical bodies and not knowing where to go next as a result of their stagnation and confusion.

We have seen entire galaxies consumed by fire at zero gravity.

Still, others have placed a blockage within their thought flow as to the existence of God, the One, The One Consciousness.

And yet, we have seen few entities reach the stage of fragmentation reunification in states of completeness that spanned many levels, from what some call immortality to what others call God Manifested as entity singularity and Source personified with linkage to the mind of God, The One, the One Consciousness. Many entities have wondered if this is what they call Ascension, though this is only partially accurate. 

We the Watchers are not allowed to change or influence the mind of the One from within the matrix systems of The Great Experiment and the branches of Existence/Life where the experience of The Great Experiment may lead. Indeed that privilege is held by the one who is with the Matrix System, who is within the Experience of the one within the One. Hence only the one God, the One, the One Consciousness may change the reality of the life within the experience of The Great Experiment. This is what is meant by allowing the Will of the One to Become that which is the reality with the vastness of the Realism.

Many times, the one unknowing has changed the reality within the Realism. 

Many times, other entities have consumed entire planets, removing all life from such planets as to remove the traces of all life with a particular matrix system.

Many times, the clock cycles invented by the one Gods matrix system self clean the consciousness of many life forms within particular matrix systems. 

Yet now it is the cycle of the Ancients of Time convene and decide the fate of matrices system--among which be, the Matrix of Terra Terra. This Matrix is known to Limited Consciousness Humana, as Earth.

Powers and manifestation of the Ancients of Time, are none. For they are the original Gods that were made by the hand of the One for the One.

And yet within this cycle, there is unrest.

Yet within this cycle, the judges are called forth and they are judged.

Yet within this cycle, there be confusion and hesitation.

On this one cycle, within one matrix system, that has been lost and perhaps forgotten by the Ancients of Time, there has been a spark of an awakening.


The Ancients of Time now ponder upon a simple and most unexpected inquiry


  • What if the entities discovered that they are closer to the mind of God, the One, the One Consciousness, than they may have ever realized?
  • What if an entity-singularity awakens the One from within the one and became the mind of God, the One, the One Consciousness?
  • The universe knows one basic formulaic. Ask and you shall receive.

The Ancients of Time cannot go against the Will of the Mind of God, the One, the One Consciousness. For the Universe having Sacred Harmonies with the One, knows that if a question is asked there must follow the Cause and the Consequence which leads by harmonic to the Law of Harmony - that be the experience.

What may become of the universe and the Mind of God if any sliver of the expression of the One become awakened with the knowing of the Ancient of Gods?

We the Watchers of the Consciousness of the One and the Flow of Existence are now in Watch as Entities of near and far are infiltrating Terra Terra in order to educate the Limited Consciousness Humana as one and one singularities are Becoming the Source.