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 The Premise: BIBX





About BIBX.

For most individuals getting started in a business is something that seems doable. In fact, most people would like to start their own business in order to achieve some type of financial backing.

However, if this were completely accurate then most people would be doing a business right? Where there are a few sides of the story that perhaps would be of help. Technically speaking you already doing business.



Selling your ideas.

When we think about selling our ideas, we often think about what we see on TV. The time, the suitcase, the professional pitch, and the bias that everyone hates the salesperson. This is probably why most organizations have you believe in the products that you sell. It makes it easier for you to overlook your shortcomings in your biases towards yourself. It also helps that when you like a product or a service to the research more of it. You begin to feel confident in the decisions that you make and the conversations that you have based on the knowledge that you've acquired.


The truth is you may not know if the product is really as good as you say. You don't know if it will last as long as you think it does. And you will find this out through the use of time.

If you think back how many times have you been wrong about a product or service that you care about and enjoyed. Only to find out, several years later that there's something better and that perhaps you made a poor choice. Some of us tend to have a guilty feeling deep down inside and some of us may even regret having sold a product. Still, some of us are optimistic enough or realistic to understand that there's always something new and something better.


Conclusion: This is what we mean about that time will tell.


The Truth. 

The truth is that we sometimes wrap ourselves up in a cell of perfection which means you will never make a mistake, and if you do you try to make yourself emotionally responsible for all the things you said and done. But is that really the truth? Or is it that you just don't want to be found out and looked at in front of others. Which is the most common natural fear that we have as people?


Being truthful to yourself will help you not only understand that you are not completely responsible for everything you say. After all you have not invented the things you say at all. In fact, most of your information is vicarious information first. That means that you learn based on what you see on television or read and some magazines, books, etc.


When you consider that most government education systems are still teaching criteria that is over 40 years old and have ignored all the miracle advances, you start to wonder that perhaps you weren't taught properly or that someone out there does not want to change the learning criteria.


In the IT field, many people understand that there's always something new within six months' time that does part or most of what you want, making it really difficult for you to choose the right product and what you expect to be a long-term relationship.



Here's the catch.

In order to start a business, you're going to have to start somewhere. That somewhere might be a place that you don't understand or you may not like at all. But it may be the right fit for you. However, you may never know because you didn't give yourself the opportunity to learn.


Here's the catch. Nothing that you ever decide to do for entrepreneurship will please everybody. And even though you know that you're still afraid that you are going to be ridiculed or chastised by family members, close friends, and finally strangers. When doing business, one of the most important factors is don't tell anyone. No matter what you say to someone they will always find a way to see that you're wrong or that is dangerous or that it's a waste of time. You can tell that to the person that invented shoelaces. I'm pretty sure he was not the first person to invent a string that holds something together. How about the little plastic piece on the end of the shoelace. Who the hell invented that? But it works!!


The very same lightbulb that you use in your home had to be attempted over 999 times. Try telling investors, your family, and other folks that you are going to spend an eternity of time away from them and chewing up financial resources because of some dream of illuminating homes.


The transistor that makes everything possible for us to use her electronics was also another great catastrophe in the eyes of the innovative inventors. Two out of three of them went to jail for fraud. Fraud you might ask? I'm surrounded by transistors on a daily basis. One simple computer chip can have 1 billion transistors in it.


The problem is that there is too much negativity in the world and you're also buying it. The reason you buy it is because you don't understand it being an entrepreneur or starting a business is can it require some time dedication. That time dedication is pulling you away from family events and chores. It's almost like your family is weighing you down and your friends.


Season one of the premise helps to guide your way to understanding those thoughts and go beyond those problems. In order for you to become successful. Everybody can talk about what's already happened and it's normally a very negative situation. People way out the negative situations before they weigh out the positive ones. I would say it's natural to do so, but it isn't. Trees don't way out whether they're going to grow or not in a certain area. They attempt to do so. Birds don't way out whether or not take the chirp sing and do their thing, they just do so.



Nike made millions on the slogan "Just do it".

You really have no excuse for starting your own business and venturing forth. However do it smartly, a step at a time, and don't think for a minute that paying someone to take your problems away will solve any problems. Most likely they will know how to do it either. You have to first learn about what you're doing and what you want to do so that you can be sure someone else is doing it properly.


Network marketing businesses are often very good at assisting you with doing things in a manner that the systematic and has tools and other options available to you. Normal is not the network marketing concept that is the problem. Normally it's just people. People get greedy because they don't believe that they may last longer in the business or their too ambitious to make money brothers and understand how to make the business work. Others give out too early in the game and try to take everyone with them into a pit of failure only because they have to prove to themselves that the reasons why they quit are actually real reasons. But they're not. If one person can achieve financial success so can you. You just have to figure out how they did it.


Here we're going to open your eyes and hopefully, the two started on the right path. Remember that we all have a journey to take on, in this will be fun and we might as well do it together.



We hope that you enjoy the show.