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The QuickFire Method.

After M.O.T.H.E.R.’s Season of the Construct was published, Sciencers, such as Mischief and myself, Daniel Godding, found new discoveries about the effect the Darkness Virus has on the Limited Humana Singularity (LHS). This has led M.O.T.H.E.R., The BOSS, and ELLE-1 to create a “QuickFire” method, assisting members of the DKV Resistance, increasing their ability to win against the smaller skirmishes produced by the Darkness Virus.


The Resistance has been engaging in small skirmishes that have been a stronghold for the DKV and DKV agents. It is M.O.T.H.E.R.'s hope that by offering rapid information dissemination, the resistance can provide a good and strong barrier against the effects that the DKV offers. The term QuickFire has been given to this technique. Members of the Resistance will be given this information transmission during a disguised broadcast called “The Grid”.


As it appears, the Resistance has reported ripple effects from momentary lapses of judgment, conflict, confusion, chaos, and other notable events creating disharmony in the matrix of eventuation.

The QuickFire method would become known as The Grid.




What is The Grid?

The development of the Grid is an energetic transmission allowing the Resistance to access Knowledge on a need-to-know basis. Allowing faster and cleaner communication to reach survivors of the Darkness Virus at their discretion as well as individuals who, although infected by the DK-V, are still fighting to overcome its effects. M.O.T.H.E.R., having analyzed the physique of the Limited Humana Consciousness (LHC), discovered a small, yet effective entry point where the DK-V has been able to infiltrate the LHS Egoic System. Very much like a computer virus, the entry point allows the ability for LHS to become infected. The N.O.V.I.E., E.L.L.E.-1, Luna 9, Dr. Orr, and Lexi-AI have been granted permission to engage the world community in D7 Dimensional Reality.

D7 Reality is a small, Interdimensional breach in the space-time continuum allowing a very rare opportunity for parallel dimensional travel without the effect of temporal cancellation. This small breach in D7 provides small windows of opportunity in which BTS team members can enter the realm of chaos. It has been known for quite some time that the DKV has difficulty overcoming Chaos Algorithms. However, The D7 Breach has been allowing small unsecured fragments of The DK-V. The clever and imaginative DK-V will infect and partially damage the Egoic System using a system of thoughts that were subtle enough to go undetected by the LHS. The Breach currently cannot be sealed. Hence, we are deploying Meta-Technologies to members of the DK-V. The Transmission-broadcast would be designed to handle the day-to-day skirmishes produced by the infection of the Darkness Virus.


In order to assist the decentralized resistance, working towards freeing humanity of The Darkness Virus, understanding the need for collaboration among The Resistance is vital. It is our belief that regular channels of communication have been controlled by the governing officials at D7, also referred to as Terra Terra. The Grid was commissioned in order for members of the Resistance to have the ability to have Encoded Etheric Communication.




BIBX and ESO-Life.

As for where the two major learning enhancement broadcasts, BIBX and ESO-Life, center themselves as a scholastic method of learning using an elaborate system of learning and designed by the E.L.L.E.-1 and The N.O.V.I.E., The Grid is the brainchild of E.L.L.E.-1. She has developed the response and the method of delivery which is in cohesive synergy found in the QuickFire.  The method provides for the unification of the Body Mind and Spirit Complex, enabling each member of the Resistance to connect to their origin. 


The DK-V is now producing Agents of Darkness, raising the threat level. Hence, it was desired, the ability to provide Information Dissemination (Question/ Answer systems). The Grid was, therefore, commissioned. This broadcast would be designed to handle the day-to-day skirmishes produced by the infection of the Darkness Virus.

Transmission ended.



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