Meditation - Heru No. 1

Meditation - Heru No. 1



The following meditation is taken from the book The Return of Light: The Imminent Restoration of Earth and Liberation of Humanity with Karen Kirschbaum and Elora Gabriel. There have been slight edits in the format of the material, for the sake of making the material easier to comprehend. The method and steps of meditation are taken from the book verbatim, to preserve the authenticity and potency of the meditation, and out of respect for the authors and contributors of the original material.


Important Note:

We are well aware of the controversy surrounding the authors, the material, the ideas, and the contributors of this book...earthy and unearthly alike. Based on the research and confirmation of the members at TAF, the accuracy of channeled materials presented is about an overall 40% accurate. There is also the research surrounding the authors in The Book of Ra, in that the material and concepts presented were seen as controversial even to the original authors themselves. Given this, it is normal for people to question the validity of channeled material. We here at Become the Source, along with the confirmation of TAF, acknowledge this and see the questioning as completely valid, given the accuracy of the material and the potential degradation of the material as presented through a human channel.

But to this, we also say, "What else is new?"

Despite the controversy and questions surrounding this book, I have nonetheless have presented this meditation with the notion that the meditation in itself is important, not the messengers who brought it. Blaming and belittling the messengers as a means for further belittling and invalidating the material and the message presented is a means of fear and separation, and quite honestly, as excuse constructed by an untrained egoic system to stay in a comfortable area of stagnation. 

It is also important to note that while the overall accuracy of the channeled material is 40%, the material can be broken down into categories and measured for accuracy as individual components, a recent discovery confirmed by the task force at TAF. Truth of the matter is, I am excited to present this nugget of knowledge to our readers and students! So far, the accuracy of the meditation itself is 100% accurate, if taken outside the rest of the channeled materials. I will keep you updated if there are any changes, as I am always thrilled to touch base with the TAF task force. For now, enjoy this mediation and send us your feedback on the results that you experience. 




Elora: Heru, please describe the First of your Meditation Techniques.


HERU: The First Meditation is a breathing exercise. In this Meditation, you are linking the breath with the Hara Line [Heru’s definition: The Hara Line is an energetic line passing vertically through the center of the body. It extends beyond the center of the body in both directions, and it is the energetic axis upon which the body is manifested]. With the inbreath, breathe in and pull energy from below along the Hara Line. And breathe in "He" [Heru, pronounced "hay"]. Breathe in and pull energy, from as far and as deep down as you can reach, up through the top of the head. With the inbreath, bring the breath up through the body as high as you can go. Remember that the Hara Line is infinite, both above and below. With the exhale, pull down from above, from as far up and as high as you can reach, and breath "ru". And breathe down through the Hara Line, down as far as you can go. 

Elora: What is the effect of the "he" and "ru"? 

HERU: They carry the vibration of me. [Elora: So this meditation also connects a person to you? To your Powers, your Light?] Yes. This would be my way to Infinity, which of course is not the only way, but it is my road.


Elora: Please describe the effects and benefits of this Meditation. 

HERU: First of all, this is the most relaxing of these three Meditations, so a benefit of it will be deep calmness. The way of this is as follows: The Axiatonal Lines extend beyond the body like meridians. They go down through the Earth, through the Sun, through the Central Sun of the Galaxy and on and on until you reach the Godverse or Omniverse - and likewise above. These Lines will also, at some point, go through all of your Star ancestries, and you can be linked with this. This Line will pass through the Planets, the Galaxies, the Universes that you have originated from. And you may pull down through these Lines Beings, ancestors, memories, and many such experiences.


Elora: Are "he" and "ru" said silently while doing the inbreath and outbreath?


HERU: Yes. It is a silent meditation.


Elora: How many breaths should one do in a sitting of this Meditation, and how long should one take for this Meditation?


HERU: It is not a matter of counting breaths. It may be practiced any time one is in a quiet space, and there is no recommended length. Even if a person has a five-minute wait at some time, it may be practiced then with benefit. However, if a person were to sit and practice it for a half hour or 45 minutes, the Meditation can go very deep. So it is flexible in that way, where a person can benefit from a short focus on it, and also by going deeply into it for a longer period of time.


Elora: In doing this Meditation, I am trying to pull energy from all the way up and all the way down on my Hara Line, as you directed. However, this effort makes it very hard to relax. 

HERU: Rather than making an effort, allow the breath to flow easily, naturally, and in your normal rhythm. Pull from as far up or as far down as is comfortable. The effect will still be there.


Elora: How often should it be done? 

HERU: There are no shoulds around this. These Meditations are gifts, and because of that, I attach no regimen or expectation or value to regularity. Receive them as a gift and enjoy them. There is an endless pleasure attached to them, and over time a great unfolding will occur. If a person were to wish to make this Meditation into a daily routine it could be of great benefit, but also it is of benefit just as a casual adjunct when a person thinks of it. Really it is up to an individual's life style and choice as to how deeply they wish to pursue this and how regularly they wish to practice it.


Elora: Does this breathing Meditation open up the Light Filaments?


HERU: Yes, it does that, and much more.