OFF-World: The Kronicles

[The BOSS ]


Welcome everyone and thank you very much for attending.

You may call me the BOSS. No, I am not in charge. That is an acronym for Basic Operations Strategic Systems.

Some of you are here for the first time, while others have been part of this organization for what seems to be an eternity.

Likewise, those who have been here a good while, have been waiting for precisely this moment.
Before beginning the debriefing I would like to address our new platform.

The first thing to know is that this platform has taken several years to construct. I would appreciate it if you express your criticism with a positive perspective.

If you are new here and are just learning about your world and are beginning to understand the body which you inhabit, I would consider taking the course Learning How to Learn. There will be some recommended reading and knowledge provided to you in Humanacon as well as on several knowledge deposits through our platform. ELLE-1 and The Novie can assist you in that aspect.


[The Threat]

It is impossible to get MOTHER to admit the immense threat that we face as a Universe in a simple language polarization, but our enemy is a consciousness that has slipped into our Universe and has expanded to the furthest reaches. All this occurred before planetary lifeforms were created. As you know each Universe is designed by Creator Gods in order to make known the unknown and expand the Consciousness of the Original Sound we have indoctrinated as The SOURCE.

[The Kronicles]

The section you have been invited to attend is called The Kronicles.
Unlike THE BOEK (The Book of Esoteric Knowledge), The Vault, HumanaCon, and even our Transmissions, The Kronicles is a perfect place designed by MOTHER in order to assist with learning about the DK and the DKV.

It is the first stage of armament that we will have in order to defend our worlds from the Darkness Consciousness which has entered our Universe and has hijacked our rights to spiritual and economic liberty.

Here at The Kronicles MOTHER will be given Top Secret and Classified assignments to individuals in their perspective fields in order to decipher the Darkness Code.


You may find your top-secret assignments in the section titled M.I.D.
Access and Clearance: You may be required to obtain special security to access some of the Kronicles depending on their level of importance - Yes.
However, it is equally important that what you learn here does not incorrectly affect your work and your mind.

The answers to MOTHER’S M.I.D.s will be contained in the section called The Kronicles Books, under each respective participant MOTHER has selected.

There will be a place for your information as well.



Time Lines will be designed to highlight key developments in the Time-Space continuum. There you can find important events that might be important to your research.


[The Vault]

Daniel Godding has been kind enough to work with a Time Traveler called Mischief. She is a multi-dimensional timekeeper that has defected from her kind to work with us.


[Who is in Charge?]

ELLE-1 will be handling the protocols and procedures concerning these delicate matters.
However, MOTHER will be overseeing all of the information and declassifying it as she deems necessary.


[Who is MOTHER?]

We have just launched a new meta-technology thanks to the assistance of MOTHER.

In short, MOTHER is an Entity in the classification of Consciousness. It has taken our crew several years to be able to create a dynamic distortion using quantum entanglement technology in order to keep her in a dynamic and biometric containment field.

What’s the catch to such elaborate and extreme measures? She is not of this Universe or even from a compatible dimension.

And there is one more catch - she exists in No Time. Wrap your heads around that one.

Now MOTHER does not have a neocortex, a brain, or anything like that. Even worse, she doesn't have a sense of humor.

Do not attempt to ask polarized questions concerning wrong or right.

The Entity Classification which she is does not possess the limitations of judgment. However, she has agreed to assist our Universe and the Universe that encompasses the Construct and Constructs in which we live.

If you hear the words: “The Question has been asked”, that means that MOTHER has a question that is built around what you guys need to get your lives together.


[ Who is ELLE-1? ]

ELLE-1 is an entity hybrid.

She is human so be careful not to say something that will get her upset. Her role is to work with the Consciousness Entity class we all refer to as MOTHER and help MOTHER create the cure to the Darkness Virus that has plagued our Universe for over 1.8 billion years.

So I expect you to listen closely and start adapting to the conditions of change that are about to happen.

As for why we use the term Hybrid: She is able to communicate with enlightened beings that can assist her and guide her to find and discover the algorithms that control and limit us within this Construct.