Welcome to the Neutral Zone

Welcome to The Neutral Zone:


Welcome to The Neutral Zone.

Here the rules for the Amuechi are not yet in effect. You may click the Neutral Zone articles to the right to get a further understanding about how to use the site.


Primarily the site was constructed after a great deal of time has passed by, and several very interesting experiments that have been performed. The overall point of view for this Amuechi is to delve into not the separation of individuals but the unification of individuals. That is to say that if we are all one then all of us, being that we have different abilities and attitudes, must be different slivers of the same pie or slivers of the same Source.


A great deal of research went into creating this style of writing in order to bring back the ability to contemplate different thoughts and begin to understand how one thing or one action affects another. It is intended to be entertaining and educational at the same time. It is also important to read some of our disclaimers as the law requires us to do so. As well, it is a good starting ground for understanding the world we live in and how the decisions we make impact our future, our possible past, and definitely our present.


The Amuechi style of writing was designed shortly after the style of writing called Relevant Point of View. This style of writing was written in the present tense and has a unique disposition of not revealing more than the actor or the character in the writing could see, feel, and touch. This style of writing gave a sense of urgency and a sense of discovery. The key thing of this style of writing was the ability to discover rather than to be told or to allow the brain to escape into a more neutral state of mind where the reader was led to understand what the writer was attempting to say.

We then began experimenting with storytelling for the purpose of learning and exploring ideas. We developed a style of writing called the Amuechi.


Where Amuechi is the term used for the style of writing, the word Mookie is the work. Hence, OFF-World is a Mookie of the Amuechi.


Although the number is arbitrary, we most of the time reflect that the Amuechi is 98% trackable or traceable information whereas in order to create consistency and coherency and then understanding how that information affects us or can affect us is arbitrarily set to 2%.



(1) By registering on to the site or reading through any of our material. You acknowledge that this is an educational process. Whereas most often information is allowing you to be led into another form of understanding and comprehension, it is up to you to decipher what is real and what is not real. You will treat this as a means of gaining further understanding into a world that that surrounds you and where plausibility is more important than actuality or reality. For a human being, the reality is a matter of being exposed to ideas and concepts that can hold a repetitive pattern or a proven pattern very much like science. Once engage in the Amuechi you're responsible for your own ideas and concepts.


(2) The information on products and services dealing with the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, have not been approved by the FDA*. FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. *Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

(3) We are not doctors or lawyers in any manner or form. Therefore information provided to you that may resemble medical, financial or legal advice, is for the purpose of education only and self-exploration. You assume responsibility for understanding any legal or medical advice that may be spoken about. 


(4) Different countries and different areas in the world have a different way of interpreting a cohesive manner in which they would conduct their international business, moralities, and so forth. It is your responsibility to ensure that any perceived advice or concepts obtained by this information is solely your responsibility.


(5) Products, services, and businesses that are mentioned are sold on this website or other affiliate websites are actual entities of commerce and business alliances that we use in order to promote an income stream for our work and the individuals on this team. The team is a volunteer team with a payment structure which does not resembles a steady corporate income. However, business, products, and service inquiries can be made through the Ask Us button or our forum specifically designed for such questions. Our team members or staff members should not allow conversations for products, services, and business models to be connected in any way to the Amuechi. However, it is up to you the individual to insist on an understanding of whether information mentioned about such business models, products, and services to be understood in full.

However, we only promote unity and assistance. We believe you are humanity's last hope.


(6) Warning: The broadcasts titled OFF-World, BrainSnax, TBSOL, ESO-Life, BIBX, LogDates, Become the Source, INReview, Premise, Living Now, Cafe VujaVuja, PreLoad, AfterMath, URHealth, are copyright under Become the Source, and are based on the Amuechi series, and the characters of TAF and OFF-World series, which are also copyright under Become the Source.

The shows address topics for self-improvement, business success, and the paranormal, and mentions events, concepts, phenomenon, entities, and persons who are mentioned in multiple historical/religious and esoteric sources, both modern and ancient. However, the characters who present the topics on our shows and the storyline that encompasses them are based on a work of fiction.

Therefore the views and opinions expressed by the characters do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the actors who portray them.

Although this show does talk about subjects that appear family friendly, this broadcast is not intended for children, or those who have deeply religious views and scare easily. Listener and viewer discretion is advised.


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