LD-2 The Objective


                                                       Photo by: Michelle York


The Objective is:

  • To assist in the Awakening of Source Consciousness.
  • To assist in the Ascension Process.


 There is the agenda of those and for who are naïve: 

The brief summary of the agenda at hand is simple, not simpler. However, stated that it is simply complex, as many Masters before have introduced the Law of One and the unity of all things within the universe by inferring its function and its Law of Agreements, and also removing the complicated algorithms and mechanistic approach of the Egoistic System intertwined with the Darkness Fires, this makes the summary a definite multiplex. 


cyberstation Those who are naïve and live in fear and separation shall always fight to defend their lives. They use all means justifiable within rationality and present themselves to be a resource and a benefit to humankind. In reality, it is a stagnation of the involution of the individual's ability to reach their enlightenment status. This journey will not allow them to see the greater encompassment of the Law of One.


cyberstation Those who are naïve and live in revenge for that which has been done unto them shall always fight and defend their lives.They will use all means and measures within their grasp to balance an equation that has been created either in karma or in the present life. This journey will not allow them to see the greater encompassment of the Law of One.

 Those who are naïve and live only through the associative patterns of the neocortex shall be governed and controlled by the associative memories and conditions of perspective realities that do not exist outside the Construct. This journey will not allow them to see the greater encompassment of the Law of One and are subject to karmic cycles.

 Hence the Limited Consciousness Humana Singularities are caught in a downward spiral with very few that are able to be enlightened. It is a reverse programming that continues to confuse all that play the game.

 It was said that the creator of the Darkness Virus, a Creator God, went mad in his universe where he created reverse programming consciousness. It is also stated that this creation was birthed in innocence. The Creator God asked a simple question, “Can Source be destroyed?”.

 It is also believed that it was merely a question birthed from the innocence of the heart (if there be such a thing) was not a heart that wanted to destroy the one Source. It was merely a thought. In the realm of the Creator Gods, a mere thought is all it takes for all things to be done and complete. Hence the innocence, in a Singularity, and a unique expression of Source that did not realize the magnitude of its potency to manifest. As above, so below.

 The universe in which several entities gave their status of existence, in order to participate, experienced the birth of a unique consciousness, one that shall be called the Darkness Consciousness.