LD-3 State of Affairs


                                                Photo by: Michelle York


The State of Affairs


cyberstation The mission is simple. However, the methods be complex. Since the rise of the information freedom acts and the rise of several superpowers, there used to be a movement towards peaceful mutual uprising of the Collective Consciousness. However, several groups have sought out to use the knowledge for their own benefit.

Though the tug of wars between the two sides has always been present, there has always been mutual agreement. However, this perspective is no longer the case. There have always been the ruling classes that delved into materialism such as the infamous ILLUMINATI, The Skull and Bones, the Cabal, and so forth.

Most of these individuals, regarded as villains and criminals to humanity, have always existed through what is termed in Humana 3rd Density, as Time. However, as alien technology was made available to the Military Powers, a great division began to arise among the people of Terra Terra. If it had not been for the greed of the Commercial Powers, Humanity may have never been so close to the lifting of the veil. Unfortunately to all groups and singularities alike, there were greater issues, so the Councils in watch of Terra Terra became concerned.

cyberstation  The Darkness Virus, a side effect of the Darkness Consciousness, which had infiltrated Terra Terra and the more encompassing Construct more than 1.8 billion years ago, was now at its apex.