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                                                 ID: Treaties of Fire and Return of the Light: ABOUT THE DARKNESS VIRUS:




"Welcome aboard, Team." - The BOSS


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you all. We know today that we are in great need of OFF-World Information Dissemination. This paranormal psychology is led by a few Paranormal Science Officers who you may have already met.

The Novie, Lexi Ai, Luna 9, and ELLE-1 have endured a great ordeal to bring this information onto you, the lightworkers, leaders of the community, and humanitarians.

However, don’t be fooled by the use of names and titles. Please refer to your Resource Manuals, provided to you by HumanaCon.

We have support from the Novism Collaboration Center (iNet Community), and Novism Synergy Alliances Site 6  (NSA6)  to proceed with our Information Dissemination Project.

However, we are currently seeking out the support of other people just like you.

military fleet

Troops assembling for training boarding the USO [Re-enactment]

We are up against an opponent that we believe has been the cause of our inability to grow as a humanity and as a collective consciousness.

In the past, many esoteric individuals have attempted to educate the inhabitants of Terra Terra about this great and most formidable foe.

However, being already infected, humanity has had a difficult time overcoming. Unfortunately, the individual entities that came forth with this knowledge in the past were ultimately killed.

We already know that the government is doing all it can to engage extraterrestrials and their knowledge, as seen in the archives and resources collected. However, what the government does not understand is the real enemy, and if the extraterrestrials are also puppets of the enemy.


There are some new concepts and items that need to be recognized in your Resource Manual. I would advise reading through as your lives may depend on it.

If you are following your manuals correctly you will find in there a chapter on Formulaics. This is a language that was designed after the original test group was corrupted and led to a downward spiral.

M.O.T.H.E.R. has asked me to give you a quick summary of how we got to this point. As I continue to speak out the bullet points she wants me to tell you, you may find yourselves understanding your key roles in this process and procedure and how you alone can make the important changes in what will become of Terra Terra.

I believe that her reasoning is that we cannot win a war if we do not know who the enemy is and what our enemy’s strengths are.



What I am about to tell you is based on a true story that has been unfolding since 2006.

You are now part of that story. And even worse, you are Humanity’s Last Hope. This is not a drill. This is not a joke.

It is true that most of you onboard have been given instruction manuals on how to think. What you think of is of the least importance--but how you think can be a matter of life and death.

We now know that there is a darkness consciousness, which only understands the concepts and the functions of consumption. This darkness consciousness is not the enemy. However, the effect of the Darkness Virus is self-consuming, as it acts as a parasite that consumes its host using a sophisticated method of reverse engineering, or as you have been instructed in your manuals, what we call “the unraveling.”

gateway to offworldThe current year is 2015 and the team at Become the Source is counting upwards instead of downwards.

After 5 years since the last experiment was conducted, an experiment that opened the gateway to OFF-World Communications, The BTS team has put together the Amuechi, titled OFF-World.

After careful research in matters concerning life management issues such as health, finances, consciousness, psychology, religion, spirituality, and the paranormal, the only two surviving members of an original research team remain working as a team conducting communication experiments and filing their findings in what is termed T.A.F. (The Association Files). The other original members of this research team have long been since conquered by the spirits of darkness and confusion 

These T.A.F. communications have allowed the Human Being to be able to be in communion with OFF-World entities in order to understand the hidden secrets of the universe and that which is so commonly called metaphysics, the paranormal, psychology, paranormal psychology, and the art of being human.

business man and woman silhouetteBut first, know this. The original research team had the guidance of The Novie and another, who we will refer to as 636. 636 is one of the former research team members who fell victim to confusion. But before that, she worked with The Novie. Together they were establishing the principles of health and wellness and learning through direct sales.

Together they led a commercial humanitarian effort to help individuals that were turned down by the local medical authorities due to lack of insurance. Some of you may have heard that the medical communities work with the government in order to control the population. These associations have tried to reduce the proper resources for individuals to be able to survive on their own. But this is not our fight. We will not interfere with the government or their conglomerations. At least not yet. The reason for this can be found in T.A.F. and in your Resource Manuals.

The Novie and 636 gave back to the community by taking their earnings and purchasing needed items, such as beds for individuals who owned empty run-down apartments and slept on the floor.

As a side note, it is important to recognize that this commercial wellness and financial effort is of utmost importance. You cannot fight the DK-Virus if you are ill or impoverished. You will need to be healthy in order to survive.



The Infiltration

636 began to show symptoms of what is now known as the DK-Virus. Noticing the changes, The Novie took it upon himself to begin to train his top student at the time, an entity you all know as ELLE-1. ELLE-1 began Eso Life training early before 636’s phases of deterioration were in the most evident stages.

But despite The Novie’s attempts to aide 636 to continue the path, by September of 2010, 636 filled her mind with the grand illusions of believing that humanity could only be saved by something outside themselves. She unwittingly made herself the leader of the movement and insisted we are slaves to the Construct--while she entitled herself to greatness and privilege. 



Infection: The Fall

influenced by dkvThe Novie, despite having trained his team to resist egoic override, watched 636 falls into egoic sensationalism. She was also aided by the other members of the fallen team.

Losing 636 would mean losing the bridge between humanity and OFF-World, since her DNA and Mind were already altered and conditioned to join the thoughts of communion and Kommunion through the use of the Mind and Radionic Transference.

Having picked up on warning messages from one of the OFF-World entities, The Novie picked up the phone on December 12, 2010 and dialed ELLE-1 for assistance in emergency evacuation from the site of the original research team.

But The Novie was not without spiritual compassion. He left behind a small copy of the work so that 636 may have the opportunity to survive what some people believe to be demonic and psychic attacks from the confused brotherhood and The Darkness.

We have been told by OFF-World that due to corruption, some of the information near the end of 636’s term was also corrupted. This makes the Original T.A.F. documentation invaluable to us. With the help of the trained officers and OFF-World Entities, we can now have a sample of how the DK-Virus creates the corruptions which allow you down the path of self-consumption.

I am not one to be following hysteria, even though these matters are of great importance. So you will not catch me dancing to a song by a campfire unless I am cold or there is a party happening.

I expect you all onboard to use common sense as you begin with the experiments and the tasks you will be given.




 One more thing. According to T.A.F. and OFF-World Entities, 636 was infected with inception as early as the year 2008 our time. The DK-Virus used her insecurity of needing to feel special to create a breeding ground that would later become a nest and web of deceptions which altered her way of thinking. You are not immune. And neither am I.

solitary tibetan monkPerhaps this is why the Tibetan monks stay away from the rest of us. Maybe this is why some of the legendary teachers fled away from humanity until they became the Source.

Due to the warnings of OFF-World Entities that occurred to 636, ELLE-1 and The Novie were already prepared to move forward with the project of re-establishing OFF-World communication.

While the world was concerned with the doomsday clock of 12-12-2012, The Novie and his team were looking for information on how to establish communications with what is now known as OFF-World.

The small surviving team has been working on deciphering what went wrong with the original team, but there are always hidden alleyways and mysteries that allow the human imagination down a path of failure.

The Novie and ELLE-1 have gone through the original dictation, email records, audio and video of the last experiment, but cannot find anything concrete.

M.O.T.H.E.R. has requested certain individuals to decode this information, including The Novie, ELLE-1, Lexi Ai, and Luna 9.

You will be expected to assist in creating Log Dates and working on this ship.

We do have one more item to our advantage. We have an individual that will remain Above Secret that was infected by the Darkness Consciousness but refused The DK Virus. According to T.A.F., we are not allowed to use her as a weapon. However, her insight is irrefutably important to us in every way you can imagine. Her name is Luna 9 and she is with our top officers. She is not to be addressed differently than any other entity aboard this underwater vessel.

Please prepare to hear M.O.T.H.E.R. within the next hour.

This is the BOSS, enjoy your stay and your new life. May we save ourselves from the Darkness Virus.   T.O.E..>



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