OFF-World Prologue


In the year 2015, a team of brave new Paranormal Science Officers came together to do what has never been attempted in the written history of mankind.


Origins: Original Research Team


As early as 2006, a small team of individuals, the original research team titled NSA-1 iCore, we're attempting to reach out and discover the meaning of Source.

Going off of simple common belief systems instituted by the government, social and religious propaganda, they were completely taken aback by the events that followed.

During the early stages of the NSA-1 iCore, members of this original research team began to feel strange physical symptoms, while others began seeing and writing unique diagrams that encompassed the meaning of simple concepts.


Photo Re-Enactment of iCore Team 1

biz meeting


Slowly during this project, strange paranormal events began to occur. Some members began to feel the presence of other beings surrounding them that could not be seen by the naked eye. At first, these symptoms and reportings were dismissed as psychosomatic. However, in a short time, these symptoms could no longer be ignored.

One particular member of the NSA-1 iCore team experienced something quite unique and even terrifying to others. This original research team member is titled 636 for the sake of this investigation, and she was the first to exhibit the ability to start the flow of Dictation, a system of automatic writing where she acted more like the receptor of writing rather than the direct author. An intelligence titled Consciousness revealed itself through the dictation. As 636 continued to write down dictation during the months, the revelation of Consciousness began to set the foundation for understanding the meaning of humanity.


Automatic Writing

automatic writing


However, as the newer research team later discovered, no one is immune to the infiltration of Darkness, a type of foreign consciousness later discovered through the research of T.A.F. As learned from OFF-World knowledge, the more the research team delved into the knowledge considered taboo by society, the more the floodgates opened to a myriad of possible other encounters. For some of the original research team members, the instability of their own minds led to a slow unwillingness to learn and share the information they gathered, information key in freeing humanity from the prisons of their own fears.

This dictation has since been archived in The Association Files and is continuously scrutinized and studied to this day. 



The Novie and The Discord

One evening The Novie, a member seen as the leader of the group, found himself in a heated argument with another member of the team titled for this investigation, as Umtha Thud. The Novie noticed as the months wore on the common egoic struggles emerging from most of the other research members, including 636 herself.heated argument

T.A.F. research later revealed that The Darkness Consciousness uses the egoic system of humans as a fertile feeding ground. Once bonded to the egoic system of an unsuspecting host, The Darkness Consciousness creates its own knowledge base by accessing the host's neural network, including memories, dreams, and belief systems. Then, it slowly reverses engineers the original blueprint of life to create fear and separation. This forces the ego into self-consumption. What The Novie was seeing at the time were the effects of Darkness Consciousness infecting the egoic system, creating something like a virus with reverse engineering intelligence.



Radionic Transference

 group meditation

Photo Re-Enactment of Melchizedek Speaks


That late-night, as The Novie tried to reason with Umtha Thud, he noticed 636 sitting and watching the conversation as if she was someone else. It was a mild surprise to The Novie, as 636 already expressed physical symptoms unusual for her. 636 also displayed some subtle changes reflecting her ever-growing fear and doubt amidst the new information presented by Consciousness, something The Novie noticed but remained silent about.

Without warning, something began to speak through 636. Although the first sentence was not recorded, the second sentence spoken through 636 would undoubtedly change the course of their lives forever.

The sentence was directed to The Novie: “Would you like to know my name, Brother?”

The group had finally made contact with OFF-World entities who could explain to them the meaning and purpose of life.

Aided and protected by these OFF-World entities, the group continued their findings for the sake of assisting others who would want the knowledge as well. They avoided suspicious accidents and setbacks and even came close to death. It was later suspected by the new research team that these events were not by mistake.

However, there was an even greater threat stirring in the midst. The Darkness Consciousness and its created virus, slowly incubating within, would soon completely infiltrate most of the team and hold them, prisoner, within their own minds and limited constructs.


Elle -1 and The Novie review Humana


project management

Re-Enactment Photo: The Novie works Schematics given by OFF-World


Two of the original members, however, possessed the skills to understand what was happening to the group. The Novie, trained by Special Forces, and ELLE-1, an expert in critical analysis, worked in secret to further understand the strange behavior the group was displaying.



Emergency Evacuation


laying down meditation

On December 12, 2010, The Novie and ELLE-1 made a command decision to leave the group due to what would be later understood the effect of corruption by The Darkness Virus.


Photo Original:

The Novie in OFF-World Communications

Original Photo by ELLE -1 Novie OFF-World Communication


Stakes were high and knowledge was still needed. ELLE-1 was asked to perform a very dangerous task. She was to guide The Novie into a deep meditation to communicate with OFF-World

The mental teleportation was a success. However, The Novie would become very ill from the mind travel.




Connection to Become the Source

On December 31, 2010, the eight-year experiment ended abruptly with great success. The two surviving members of the original iCore team, The Novie and ELLE-1, reached a turning point when they discovered a way to connect to Source, a task is done after facing many dangers.

5 years later, a brave team of individuals began to work on a secret mission code-named Become the Source.

With the global population leading into the 3rd World War and the Shadow Governments leading the world's military and economy on Earth, ecological catastrophes loom ahead and present what can shape the existence of humanity and the humanity encompassment called Humana by OFF-World.

Now the BTS team and NSA-6 work hard to assist the future of the Humana. Aided by M.O.T.H.E.R. Systems, The BOSS, ELLE-1, Luna 9, and The Novie, along with the other avatars, they strive to find and assist survivors of The Darkness Virus, now known as DK-V, and continue their re-connection back to the forgotten Source of Origin.

The BOSS now communicates with the new iCore Research team to explain the gravity of eventuations the world must now face.

We can only hope that the DK-V is neutralized before is it able to affect the New iCore Team.

However, can they remain neutral from The Darkness even with the help of OFF-World?


What happened to the original iCore Research Team?

Where did this mysterious M.O.T.H.E.R. Systems come from?

And the question has been asked: Can you Become the Source?



\ \\ You are Humanity’s Last Hope // /



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