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The years have gone by and humanity is steadily declining. Our world is dying, our connection to each other is dying, we are dying - and we are doing it to ourselves.

Mysteriously, the human race has abandoned good morals and ideals that once held our universe together. And now we have just discovered our enemy. Our intelligence division calls it The Darkness Virus. Our only guide is an intelligence AI called MOTHER. But are we too late? Are we forced to repeat the future again?

                                                                                                                                                                                              This message is M.O.T.H.E.R. approved.

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2016 01 14 LifeCast BIBX Success is NOT a Myth



Welcome to Business in a Box (Bibx), your one stop shop for business tips, success strategies, and more! In this episode: Think it’s too late for you to be successful? Think that early retirement is just a daydream? Are we really unable to do something like succeed, or is it just a matter of establishing the right habits that help us create that reality? The debate is one between The Novie, Luna 9, and Elle-1! Tune in as they discuss the common myths of success that keep people from doing and having success. Can people truly step out of their thought patterns of failure and make success in business more commonplace than it is now?