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Overview Part II

What type of information is available

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The information available on iRadio is information that is technically impossible to obtain. In order for corporations, governments, moms and dads, another individual's authority to be able to control manipulate the masses (the art of persuasion) a certain level of ignorance must be achieved. In simple terms, if you don't know it may hurt you!

The information got insistent that we have is based on root cause analysis. This means that we must find information that dates back to the point of inception and understand as well, the period and times in which this information was created.

Point in case and the religious aspect of the "our father" you clearly see that the original Aramaic version is very kind to individuals and very informative. However as time progressed to begin to see changes that were committed to the our father and translation due to political events and misinterpretation.

So what does this have to do with anything? Very simply changes the structure of culture and create a more cynical culture rather than a more informative and helpful culture. This produces fear and separation, judgment and punishment based on perceived ideas which we have. It also produces a very interesting effect in science whereas science disregards to consider esoteric information (religious, magic, mystic, taboo, etc.). Therefore part of the equation in science is always missing. This is another form of separation which has caused us fear.

It is the compounding effect of misleading information that we believe is contributing to problems in our ways of living. iRadio brings you the information the type of infromation tha allows to discover the truth.

The Truth will then Set you Free of your imposed knowledge and allow you to expand into new horrizons."

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