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The Novie, or “Novie”, as his familiar friends and clients call him, is an online writer that has a knack for breaking rules and making sense of the world’s state of affairs.

But there is more to him than meets the eye. Although he primarily spends his time assisting others becoming healthier and wealthier and serves as an online resource for individuals wishing to become online entrepreneurs, he is also an online writer working carefully to decipher the art of living happier and longer.

During the time he worked a very fruitful radio broadcast, which accompanied the use of psychology, sociology, self-help, and nutrition, The Novie learned some heartfelt lessons. The Novie, having been a soldier, has seen the senseless killing and dismay across the globe. He has also seen how soldiers, now veterans, were released into society without the skill or training to enter the world of mediocracy. He witnessed how an illness could have been prevented by understanding how wellness and good wellness decisions could make the difference between something becoming fatal and something that was preventable.

For example: Late in the 90’s a dear military friend John O’Neil was literally blown across the street and into the sidewalk when a house he had been working on mysteriously developed a gas leak. His civilian friend had flicked on the light switch, causing the spark that ignited the explosion. Both men ended up in the hospital in critical condition with severe burns and other injuries. Novie came in and sat near the hospital bed each night informing John of the state of affairs. The civilian friend died in the hospital on the third day, but John hung on for life and fought on. John could not speak or see due to the swelling of the burns, but he was on the road to recovery. All signs were looking better, until the night his civilian friend died. The civilian friend’s wife came into John’s room, yelling and accusing John of being at fault for his death. Novie watched as the heart rate monitor spiked and then flatlined.

Another event in the late 2000’s would inspire The Novie to take a change in career, when Robert Freese, a good friend, and boss, died of a mysterious bone cancer. This cancer may have developed during the Vietnam War due to chemical agents or “CHAF” that was released in the air by our military planes, a tactic used in order to attempt to win an unwinnable campaign.

Deeply moved by these events, and many others in his life, The Novie began to dedicate himself to assisting others, even if they were difficult to reach. Knowing well enough how the military used their assets, he decided to re-engineer psychology in order to empower individuals that wanted to overcome the negative odds that only failure can provide.


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As an Alliance Agent III, The Novie works together with a team of volunteers performing IT functions, a coach for wellness, teaching others how to become an entrepreneur and showing quality leadership skills.

He has taken all of his combined knowledge and perfected the sequence of streaming a broadcast online that is called an Amuechi. Together with his team of writers, he is both entertaining and helpful in breaking down the systematic habits and decisions that most individuals make due to poor understanding of wellness, finances, and the inability to access tools to become an online entrepreneur.


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One of the hobbies he enjoys is assisting individuals to start their own business online. He also enjoys driving his BMW S1000rr down curvy roads. He has an extensive study of the paranormal. He enjoys writing and a few more things. It is hard to keep up with his stamina and energy. The rest of the team is still trying to find out the recipe for his morning coffee!


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What is an Amuechi?

Amuechi is the name given to an extended educational system that uses 98% state of the world findings and presents them in a narrative for learning purposes. It is a science fiction approach to learning concepts and state of the world opinions and analyses from worldwide news organizations. The Amuechi, however, is designed to contain 2% fiction and is told "Based on a True Story". It allows for what BTS terms as plausible fiction. We have found that stories, music, and other forms of art serve primary tools of teaching throughout time and for many cultures. Stories allow the unfolding of beliefs, perspectives, and conceptual learning.


What Role Does The Novie Play in the Story?

The N.O.V.I.E. (N.U.U. Overt Visage Intelligence Entity)

The Novie was already a writer and man of international mystery when he came onboard with the BTS Crew. When he was approached with the online project and pitched the idea of what character to play, he was immediately on board. He had already begun as early as 2006 to do his own research into the paranormal, as well as the science and the secrets that were interwoven in the church and government. While he was a member of Special Forces Group Airborne, he had access to many interesting things that would not normally be easy to come by. Although he never engaged in the paranormal during his interactions with the military, he was privileged to see manipulation factors and interaction with how information was inferred and implied for the purpose of breaking down hostile territories before they were affected enough to be a functional threat.


...So needless to say, this was a project after his own heart!

In the story he plays a mysterious being called a Walk-In. Many believe that Walk-Ins are individuals that occupy a body that has already surrendered in spirit and is void of OFF-World Life. Being that the new entity is not human to begin with, The Novie’s character also has an air of indifference towards the individual human while still being in service to others as a whole. Another Easter Egg in the storyline: The Novie’s character has what is called a separated ego, an egoic system that is not occupying this dimension or Construct. Perhaps this is what explains his perceived indifference, but that remains to be seen as the story unfolds. This character is based off information dating back even thousands of years before Egypt came into power.

In the OFF-World plot, the character of The Novie is directly connected to OFF-World Communications, and teaches ELLE-1 to Interconnect as a human. He is seen as a character that only accepted the job out of duty and discipline to his OFF-World Brothers. However, even the OFF-World entities have been known to entice him to speak what he has learned.

Warned not to reveal or use the Darkness Consciousness as a weapon in the fight against the Darkness Virus (DK-V), The Novie is put between a rock and a hard place. This brings out in The Novie a slight bitterness towards the Matrix and the Construct, which he learned to understand well. Another interesting characteristic is that he reads from the BOEK (The Book of Esoteric Knowledge) which was co-written by consciousness and other elite states of existence.

The Novie plays opposite of ELLE-1, who he assisted in opening the path of communication through the use of Free Will and altered states of being. He often uses his relationship with ELLE-1 to communicate to other dimensional beings, assisting with the preservation and evolution of Humankind.




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