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ELLE-1 stands for Entity Living Life Enhancement - Prototype 1 in the online Amuechi titled OFF-World. Having served in public education, she realized that in order to make an impact in the world one needs to educate using the arts. Having been a writer, graphic novelist, and graduate from one of the top universities in the nation, she decided to find a way to assist others while creating synergy with her clients.


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Alliance Agent III and Curriculum Designer, Editor in Chief

Elle-1 is versed and educated not only in being able to deliver a realistic point of view and deep learning on the Become the Source broadcast and the Amuechi: OFF-World storyline, but she assists others with finding a new way of employment and entrepreneurship online. She has the ability to work with wellness product recommendations, financial health, and other online business alliances.

She has been able to take her college education, which includes both academic writing and critical analysis, into the field of working with the best of the best entrepreneurial company. As she believes in surrounding herself with excellent entrepreneurs, she has spent time with millionaires, life-coaches, and those aspiring to be better people. To many, she is considered an up and coming Tony Robbins, and a well kept secret. This allows her to deliver to the people and her clients what they require in order that they can live life on their terms.

As an Alliance Agent III, she is able to help individuals start their own business online or assist them with finding physical wellness, financial wellness, and other important products online.



Elle-1 enjoys studying the Japanese language and culture and hopes to pick back up on it full time again. She also enjoys dabbling in a variety of healthy recipes, as well as exercising and meditation, as she believes a balanced life is an enjoyable life. And if you want to discuss a good scary story or book, esoteric subjects, or the fine art of Success Journaling, look her up!

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What is an Amuechi?

Amuechi is the name given to an extended educational system that uses 98% state of the world findings and presents them in a narrative for learning purposes. It is a science fiction approach to learning concepts and state of the world opinions and analyses from worldwide news organizations. The Amuechi, however, is designed to contain 2% fiction and is told "Based on a True Story". It allows for what BTS terms as plausible fiction. We have found that stories, music, and other forms of art serve as primary tools of teaching throughout time and for many cultures. Stories allow the unfolding of beliefs, perspectives, and conceptual learning.


What role does Elle-1 play in the story?

ELLE-1 (Entity Living Life Enhancement - Prototype 1)

Elle-1’s character comes as no big surprise to her, since she has always been a secret pioneer of bringing success to others.

In her character role she is often termed “The Human Lover” by the antagonistic attitude of a character that is well connected to OFF-World entities. With having the ability to connect to OFF-World entities (taught to her by The NOVIE), she brings to life the ability to establish a Hybrid Model of consciousness which could allow Humans (Humana Singularities), to step into a world of knowledge, self-empowerment, and wealth. Working with the crew of BTS, M.O.T.H.E.R., and the unseen B.O.S.S., she typically is given exclusive access and meetings with them as she is seen as the team’s mediator and one of the most objective negotiators between her team and OFF-World communications. However, she is often at odds as she too is feeling the pull of the transformation that pulls her into a world that can lead into indifference. Between the knowledge transmission produced by the BTS Broadcast, attempting to help the world defend themselves of the Darkness Virus (DK-V), she also struggles to stay Human as she transitions into the ESO-Life.


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