Memjogger [S2E01]: ESO-LIFE -TBSOL: Don't Take it Personally


It’s time to get out of your head! In order to be truly happy or joyous in life (less reactive and more empowered to create your reality), you need to mind your surroundings! And guess what? Your surroundings are not the same as the environment you have created in your head! 


Does this mean you’re crazy? Far from it. Diversity of opinions and perspectives are what makes the world so magical (on one hand). On the other far stuck in your head are you? If you say not very, then why do you take things so personal? Why be easily offended by someone else’s choices and views on life? 


This ESO-Life episode covers the real meaning of “taking it personal” you think not taking things personally could make you concentrate on other things, say, proactively building your life, the way you want, and living life on your terms? 


Tune in to hear what the BTS Crew has to say! 


"Remember, you are humanity’s last hope. " - M.O.T.H.E.R.


Based on the Amuechi: OFF-World


May You Become The Source