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Welcome to the Association Files


Welcome to the Association Files


Known as - "The A-Files"

energyspineAfter several years of research and trials accompanied by errors and in some cases close calls, documentation about a secret project has been released on to BTS as a research project that has reached an apex.

The main reason this information is given to us is simple and is complicated. Become the Source was selected to be given this information did to the fact of its ideal mission statement. Become the Source has independently been working on an area of research which happened to cross-reference and have the need for certain esoteric knowledge.

The individuals that have provided us with this information were at first reluctant to release any of it. Through careful negotiations and consideration the individuals will be known as the original iCore research team. They began to explain a series of events that were the results in the production of in-depth studies concerning religion, life after death, Consciousness, the brotherhood of light, the confused brothers, Melchizedek, Ramtha, Arch Angel Michael, Gabriel, Sanada, Heru, and quite a few other individuals which include Agarthians, Dracos, Reptilian Councils, Council of 12, Council of 8, Hacun, the I AM THAT I AM, SOURCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, and a great deal of many other entities that have come forth in order to assist individuals that wish to send and understand the process of passing through the white light.

Currently there are only 2 surviving members of the original iCore research team: The Novie and Elle-1.

Having had extensive knowledge on several topics, the two surviving members agreed to share their knowledge with Become the Source, since they had basically the same interest.

In collaboration, The Novie, Elle-1 and Become the Source have worked together in an attempt to break down the information in a digestible format.

After comprehending the complexity of the language, the rules of engagement, several meanings in understandings, the limitations of the human language, and other certain conditions, both parties agreed a new structure would have to be established in order to fully comprehend the meaning of the messages.

For this reason much of the language may appear as though it is written with mathematical equations called algorithms, mathematical ratios, conceptual definitions rather than object orientation definition and so forth.

Become the Source feels incredibly privileged to work alongside the Conservators and have access to The Association.

The Shadow Assassins

bmw003The two survivors Elle-1 and The Novie, within their initial interview, explain how they suffered (human terming) psychic attacks, physical attacks, static, and infiltration, in a great deal of events and conditions.

In one of The Novie's experiences, while driving one day he completely blanked out and drove into the middle of traffic during a red light. This accident caused his car to be "T-boned,"  and the impact moved his car four lanes. However, he also recalls a putrid cinnamon scent at the moment of impact. For those in the esoteric community, it is commonly understood that a putrid cinnamon scent is often the negative charge density commonly associated with the Dracos.

One of the members of the original iCore team, termed member 636, later revealed information given to her from some of the OFF-World entities. 636 stated that aside from the putrid cinnamon smell, there were also forces present for the sake of protection during the vehicle accident. This entity was in form of a small boy dressed in white robes.

It is important to note that entities cannot force a human within Limited Consciousness Humana to do acts of any kind. However, since they know and understand how the human vehicle operates and they understand the power with the inception of thought, they are clever to influence thought at the level of the psychological subconscious, which can ignite the mechanism of Mind to project a thought into the time-matrix and create realities such as this potentially fatal accident. These creators of reality are called the Dream Makers and the Rhythm Makers in The Novie's information logs.

*The photo above is of the actual car accident that The Novie was involved in. The Novie walked out of the accident without a scratch and his blood pressure was completely unaltered, even when the paramedics came. All the officials and authorities there were amazed that there was no harm to The Novie. In fact, the paramedic took The Novie's blood pressure 3 times and gazed at him with an air of astonishment. It seemed unbelievable to everyone that The Novie could walk away from the impact unscathed.

[ Some Time Prior to the Car Accident ]

During The Novie's research, he wasER-Room also stricken with a mysterious virus which inflamed the sack around the heart, causing the heart to suffocate.

There were other events that occurred when The Novie was nearly killed in an attempt to derail him from the mission that he felt must be accomplished.

For the details on the incident surrounding The Novie's heart condition, these came from original iCore member 636. According to the report, 636 drove The Novie to the emergency roon in the wee hours of the morning after The Novie woke up and saw how clammy and gray his skin turned. The Novie later reports that when he woke up and looked in the mirror, his own reflection did not register to his brain. The Novie knew this was a symptom of something that was affecting his brain functions. He knew it was serious.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctors and nurses examined him, then left the room. 636 heard them whispering outside of the room that The Novie would not make it through the night.

While everyone was at a complete standstill, The Novie was more concerned with the outcome of information and research.

Prior to being driven to the hospital by iCore member 636, The Novie had acquired knowledge of natural remedies and meditation to benefit. According to the report, The Novie took natural antioxidants in high dosages, a cold shower, set up the GPS, and then woke up 636 to explain the conditions.

The doctors attending The Novie were astonished that The Novie made it through the night with a joyous attitude. As it seems, The Novie was reluctant to pass on at that time. He said, "I'm not afraid of dying, but at that time I had way too much to do."

But The Novie wasn't out of the woods yet. Two weeks went by after The Novie got out of the hospital and his health was still failing. Once again The Novie called upon 636 and requested that they go to a remote location to perform a deep restoring meditation process that would assist The Novie's heart to become stronger.

It was a frightening time for them and everyone else involved, but the meditation worked! 

In reading the stories on the reports of the other participating iCore members, it was more than obvious to the members of Become the Source that the information was never intended to be revealed unto you, the human race. 

Additionally, many other problems were met with no root of cause-and-effect, problems that would normally be traced to data negligence in other conditions. These items include job losses, the loss of a home, loss of many friendships, nightmares, frustrations, and confusion amongst individuals which were considered friends and family.

What was The Novie working towards?

handsWhat was the information that was so vital that the  original iCore team members could not release to the human race?

It was the meaning of Source.

Unfortunately, most of the original iCore members, including member 636, would not survive the transition of knowledge. It would a student of The Novie that would survive the transition and take on the rest of the work along with The Novie.

The biggest reason the other iCore members could not accomplish the fullness of the transition was actually more simple than you can ever imagine.

According to The Association, they each wanted to continue experiencing on Earth and within the enactment of fear and separation while living in lack. As a result, the resonance of connecting to those that would give the information began to fade. A command decision with the Council Members was constructed to salvage the work and the information.

It is important to note that the Council and Councils did not create distractions nor deviations, for they are the Brotherhood of Light and will not interfere with the Limited Consciousness Humans unless the right questions are asked.

The Novie explains that during a face-to-face conversation with Melchizedek, The Novie asked why is it that so many people may channel the same entity and yet receive so many variances in response, characteristics, and attitude. Melchizedek responded with, "We are here only to serve and thus you receive only what the mind can perceive."

The Novie, being highly technical, schematically understood the hidden meaning Melchizedek was implying. In a formulaic manner Melchizedek was challenging The Novie and the other iCore members to ask questions beyond their means and ponder upon those questions, hence creating more questions that may lead to the correct answers on how the matrix works, how time works, and what are the limitations.

Secretly, The Novie constructed additional documentation and diagrams that were primarily kept from other individuals within the group because of their lack of understanding, and their extensive hunger for remaining on the planet and its matrix.

The Novie was then instructed by The Association to cut some of the ties with other entities of the group in very specific manners, to achieve a very specific diet, and practice additional meditations given. These instructions were given exclusively to The Novie and onto the only surviving member of the iCore team, ELLE-1.

The Councils and The Association did not realize that soon, a direct connection with Source would be achieved.

This brought forth a great interest from other entities within the cosmic realm: The Arch Angelic Realm, Councils of Andramedan, Lucifer, Light Warriors, Draco, Reptilians, Demons, the Council of 12, and even Darkness itself.

Thankfully Melchizedek and Ramtha trained iCore members The Novie and ELLE-1 well enough to understand the linguistic formulation of energetic production to dialogue properly with such entities, a task that would be otherwise impossible in normal human standards.

What was discovered, and the information obtained, are contained within this site within the section of The Association Files.

Blessed be Adonai...