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Melchizedek - Training the Group

Melchizedek Teaches the Group a Powerful Meditation

The Association is a group of entities that began to communicate through different means to The Novie and Elle-1, after The Novie left 636 and the group disbanded.

The Novie and Elle-1 would later learn that the rest of the group's ability to flow Consciousness and perform Radionic Transference depleted after The Novie left the group. The Novie was told of the coming event that each member would have to endure based on their descisions to pursue what was of the Material World.

What you are about to hear is an excerpt of some training received by the Brotherhood of Light, going on the idea that they are here to assist and not interfere for reasons that are later revealed through the academy and The Book of Esoteric Knowledge.

As The Novie explains, he was trained by the Brotherhood of Light directly, but not everything was a sit-down and listen class.

The woman performing the Radionic Transference is former member 636, before the dissolution of the group occurred.




Unlike Marabukza, Melchizedek came through a different form of speaking where the host/vessel did not need to be removed or absent. This took months to accomplish and a slightly rigorous supplementation of waters and certain nutrients.

When Melchizedek came through the first time, The Novie makes mention that Melchizedek leaned towards him and states firmly, "We are not here for you, we are here because of you." At the time The Novie believed those words to mean that Melchizedek meant the entire group was involved in the message and overlooked the fact that Melchizedek was looking directly into The Novie's eyes.

Today The Novie believes that since he was into digging up the truth instead of chasing more experiences, Melchizedek was talking directly to The Novie that day.