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A Brief History - The Novie Part I


A Brief History of The Novie, Part 1

In this section, The Novie details a few more important events that stirred up the questions that drove The Novie to the ultimate discovery of the knowledge that both The Novie and ELLE-1 now share with us.

In this section of the interview, The Novie talks about a few more childhood events, the questions that sparked within, the meeting of the other members and ELLE-1, and the progress of their further discoveries--discoveries which happened at an exponential rate. The text in orange italics represents the questions asked by Daniel Godding.

The Burning Questions

1111-home01I began this meeting by asking The Novie about anymore childhood events that took place that were as odd and bizarre as the ones previously described.

These were not all of the events that occurred, The Novie said, with a big smile and a good natured laugh.

There were a great deal more, much more. I remember talking to a ghost at the age of eight or so. This ghost appeared to be my father and could not enter my room. I didn’t realize it had been a ghost until later.

Another incident is when I woke one early morning to find myself standing at the edge of the 6 foot window that nearly touched the floor. The window was open and my small body was weaving back and forth. And I could've toppled over, falling two stories.


I asked The Novie if anyone else at that time was going through anything similar.

No. But burning inside my brain was a question that needed an answer. Actually, I had many questions. Though there were many questions, it would take me several years to understand that they were truly one question. However, I want to introduce you to some of the questions that were really troubling me.


During The Novie's church days, for example, questions that popped up were:

--If we are supposed to love everyone, then why do we have so many rules in church saying who gets in?

--If God is so good, then how is it that evil can exist? Didn't God create everything?

--If Jesus said that we were all his Brothers and Sisters, then why don't we worship each other too? Why can’t we all think and act and do what Jesus did, and more?

--Why is it that we treat our families like strangers and strangers like our best friends?

--Why are there so many rules about not talking to spirits and ghosts? Were they not human once too?

--If demons seem to be so advanced, why in the world would they want to possess silly humans just to have them dance around like a sheet pretending to be a ghost during Halloween?

--If there are Ghosts, were they not once like us or were we like them?

--Why doesn't the moon spin like the rest of the planets and moons around the other planets?

--Why are there so many variations of the bible?

--Why is it that people really want to find God, but they don't look at the writings before the bible?

--Why do people yell and scream at each other when inside they are the ones feeling fear?

--Do rules really make us better? If so, why hasn't it worked yet?

--If we want peace why do we use war to enforce it?

--Why are there only three choices for everything we do?


111-home2I asked how The Novie kept track of all these questions. More importantly, did more questions come about with time?

I remembered these questions because they had become a major part of my existence, and yes, there were many more questions that came about.

However, It is important to note that as I grew older, meaning my current age, I went through a total memory loss of what happened. I’ll go into more detail later, but it took me a while to recall events like the ones we were talking about. These memories just came back to me about a year or two ago.

With that said, reconstructing these memories and getting them back bits and pieces just egged on more questions! A really perplexing question was, why a very intelligent father I had, felt the need to throw me against the ceiling and allow me the privilege of falling onto the ground nearly lifeless. That memory came back when I had a flashback of crimson stains on the ceiling. It was my grandmother that understood this information and told me the whole story.

Oddly enough, once I contacted my grandmother and put the pieces of the puzzle together, not more than a few months later my grandfather died of an asthma attack. This later led to the demise of my grandmother.


Did she pass away too?

She now suffers Alzheimer's and is technically useless in the way of getting information. However, the love is still there, whenever she can remember.  

I asked The Novie if the other family members could provide useful information to put more memories back together. The Novie responds with a vigorous shake of the head.

No one else seems to talk about these events of my past. They all seem to suffer some type of selective amnesia.



Photos are the actual location and home of The Novie. The Novie built the house from schematics that were inspired. The home turned out to be a very peaceful area. There were many that studied the structure and documented the house as having good Feng Shui. It was practically a house that reversed any feelings of depression or hostility. This was good, as The Novie's spouse at the time suffered from depression. The Novie's spouse is now recovered from depression, after living 12 years in that house.

The painting on the wall in the photo is actually a pencil drawing that was created by her at the time. Each room was a minimum of 23' long and almost equally wide. The picture is taken from a loft that was built and was as wide as the entire house and 60' X 40'. It was intended as a place of research and meditation exercises during the early stages of attempting to connect to the All That There Is.



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