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A Brief History - Elle-1 Part I

A Brief History of Elle-1, Part 1

The following is taken from an interview of Elle-1 done by Katie Stark. The text in orange represents the questions asked by Katie Stark. The text that follows represents Elle-1's responses.

Elle-1 had finished explaining the first memories that influenced her search for the knowledge and resources that we now see on Become the Source. She mentions Reverse Programming, a way of life that most people live that functions off of fear and separation rather than harmony. She also mentions how some OFF-World entities have called this the forgetfulness of divinity within.


Looking back, how do you think this incident affected you, seeing others like this?

When you're curious about something new, you begin to look for it and notice it in other places. You begin to notice it even when you don't necessarily want to notice it, or were even going out of your way to notice it. However, the reverse programming was so prevalent among people that I soon began to see it in everybody.

Keep in mind that I did not yet know that this was reverse programming. In my quest to make sense of what I saw, I interpreted it as unhappiness. And so, I saw this unhappiness outside the home, in my schools, with my friends and neighbors, at my church, and on TV.

I saw how this unhappiness led people to have unrealistic expectations of themselves. This in turn caused them to put undue pressure on themselves. That led to things like alcoholism, depression, suicide, and violent behavior towards other people, just to name a few.

I saw people who started out as happy and innocent, only to become cynical and angry as they were treated by others who were infected with this unhappiness.


From my own experience, I think a lot of people would be in denial about this existence of reverse programming. They would argue that everybody has the potential to be happy, and no one is stopping them but themselves.

They would actually be correct. What you said right there is actually the brilliant part about reverse programming. This programming, as I came to realize, was something that was so subtle, so kind, so polite, so politically correct, and so well-meaning, that it had the ability to slip right into your head without you even noticing.


Can you explain that?

Think about all the well-meaning advice that you are given as you grow up. Most of this advice, while well meant, is actually only half correct, or an extreme twisting of the actual circumstances. A good example of this would be the typical case of a spoiled child and indulgent parents. Neither the parents nor the child realize that they are all behaving in destructive ways. However, it would appear that the child gets along well with the parents, and even claims to love them. The parents would say the same thing.

The issue here is not whether or not the child and the parents love each other. The issue stems from the fact that the entire family was given information that was inaccurate and not conducive to growth and expansion. This information usually comes from their own friends, the parents' parents, their neighbors, their teachers, their church leaders, and the mass media. Therefore, the information plants a seed in their minds, and keeps growing.

And the entire time, the family is completely unaware that this knowledge is destructive. They would argue with you that they are fine. They would argue with you that they are happy. And at times, they do appear to be happy, if only because they were fed more inaccurate information on what it means to truly be happy.

However, we know how that story ends.

Yes, I've heard the story a lot. It usually ends up with the child being very unhappy and passing his misery along to his children.

Correct. Only in this case, this misery is actually the reverse programming being passed down to the later generations.

I see. So the reverse programming just keeps moving on and on, ruining lives.



It seems that you are on an interesting journey. Where did it take you?

As I continued to observe, I began to ask questions. These questions led to more questions. This started when I was young too. As a matter of fact, my mom tells me that she remembers me standing at her bedroom door while she got ready for work. I was always ready first to go to pre-school, and I liked to jump up and down while asking my mom questions.

Do you remember what kind of questions you asked her?

My mom says that I asked questions about how the body worked. I asked questions about why we got sick. I asked questions about why kids hit each other. I asked questions about the people who lived in the apartment before we moved there, and the kinds of animals that used to live here before any people were around.

No matter where I observed, whether it was on TV or in real life, I was always asking questions. Why did that man kill the other man? Why did that man hurt the child? Why was that lady sitting in church crying all the time? Why did that man strangle the lady? Why was there black gooey stuff in the sink after that old man had coughed? Why did that boy kick the dog?

Eventually as I got older, my questions became centered around trends I saw in people.


--Why were there separate churches and separate religions?

--Why were people who were married or dating always arguing with each other?

--Why did everyone say that God was so vengeful, and so jealous, and so hurtful towards everyone?

--If Jesus walked on water, why did they not teach us that we could do the same?

--Why did schools not teach students about critical thinking and analytical thinking?

--Why did we only have 40 minutes of art and dance classes once a week? Why not more?

--Why were so many people afraid of being themselves?

--Why do people fear what others think?

--Why was the meaning and the search for love and relationships often met with pain and confusion?


I asked many questions, but I wasn't running into the resources that would give me the accurate answers in time. Eventually, I allowed this reverse programming to slip into my own thought paradigms.


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