September 24, 2013 - Mirrors and Looking at the Reflection

Mirrors and Looking at the Reflection


watercolorI hear in many circles, ranging from religion to psychology, the concept of soul mates and mirrors--the idea of looking at triats that seem opposite of you and learning to grow from them. The idea that sometimes, being in a relationship with your total opposite, be it a friend, lover, spouse, neighbor, coworker, boss, subordinate, can be the biggest mistake of your life.

Even the data from OFFWorld sources documents the science between Twin Flames, what others consider soul mates from the opppsite spectrums whose function is to find each other and learn to be complete again from their opposite counterparts--that is, to acquire the traists from their opposite that they do not havre and further expand--if they don't kill each other first, that is. And according to OFFWorld data, this planet on this Construct causes the science of Twin Flames to end in tragedy and regret, further enabling downward spirals, karmic cycles, and overall confusion and cynicism. 

I want to say this is nonsense, but that's a statement placed from judgment. I do say that when it comes to meeting anyone or anything with a trait that you perceive as opposite of you, or something you don't "jive" with you, consider this point of view first:

I take notice of my own style of learning, doing, and becoming--and I take notice of others' style of learning, doing, and becoming. I noticed the style of my own learning and how I was, and then noticed how my other dear friends functioned. Where I was slow and deliberate, they were quick and decisive. Where I was peaceful, they were passionate. Where I was passionate, they were mildly curious. Where I was quiet, they were vocal. Where I was vocal, they were quiet. And so on.

bold watercolorSo I had a choice here. It felt uncomfortable, but the choice was still there. And in reality, the only choice you really have is when and how quickly you are going to expand and step into your godself. So that's what I did. What got me through to this choice?

Seeking to understand. By asking, what is this? And what does that mean, rather than, that's what he thinks, this is what I think, I was able to increase the harmony in my relationships and develop an appreciation for the differences of others, rather than feeling less than them. In reality, embracing people, seeing their traits, their strengths, their weaknesses, allowed me to develop and further appreciate myself. The Novie termed this as "stepping up." I think he meant that sometimes you want to be a better person (if there really is such a thing as better, forgive the judgment statement), and someone comes along and already lives the part of you that you want to become but have not yet realized or accepted yet.umbrella paint

For me, I feel once again compelled towards no choice but to accept and step up by using the friends and loved ones around me as these mirrors. If it aligns with my path to become, then doing it is all that is left.

This in turn allows the other person, the "mirror" to be fully potentiated, and allows me in turn to fully emcompass myself and be a reflection for others, thus reciprocating the learn/teach teach/learn cycle.

I can also see how, by not seeking to understand, regardless of your choice to step up and expand, or let be, or synergize, it can lead to fighting and disharmony and fear and separation--in other words, the exact tendency of what happens to most Twin Flames in this Construct. This refusal to understand, after much reflecting, is one of the core reasons for the former research group's demise.

So in the end, the choice is really left to each of us...and the consequences always follow. 


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