Investigating the Number 216


I was never suspicious of numbers. The number 13 doesn't scare me in the least. I don't think the number 7 is lucky, nor do I think it is unlucky. As a matter of fact, after I studied the original meaning behind the resonance of numbers and the concept of exponential intensity of manifestation in larger numbers or numbers like these, I developed a deeper appreciation for functionality of Construct and its components. I developed an even deeper curiosity when I discovered from OFF-World contacts that the meanings behind numbers like 13 and 7 were deliberately hidden and purposely laden with fear and suspicion. But that's besides the point, and another article or journal entry altogether. The point is, it's better to notice patterns and ask the question rather than assign a meaning and react.

numbersSo with that in mind, starting about 1 year ago, the number 216 began to appear in random places, and what's more, I began to take notice of it. Seeing something once or twice didn't raise any questions at first; I just happened to look at the time when it was 2:16 am, or just happened to notice the price of a soda with tax coming out to $2.16 at the cash register. Looking back, maybe the little guy 216 felt ignored by me for the first month, so he decided to increase his appearances--and how! Like a speeding truck gaining momentum, 216 began to appear more than several times a day, sometimes as much as 27 times a day. 

I began to document it, with an attitude of no expectations. And so the number 216 was here, and there, and everywhere: On billboard signs, tucked into pruchases in receipts at gas stations, snug between the mileage on the odometer, sitting comfortably in between youtube view counts, serial numbers in store merchandise, and even a $216 million dollar jackpot announcement last week. 

It even began appearing in my dreams and meditations: A strange white flash and then the number 216 glowing in my vision.

I kept my research team members at BTS and OFFWorld informed of these findings the whole time. They were open to the findings and geniunely curious. Luna 9 and The Novie were especially interested in it too, and with good reason. About 2-3 months ago, they began to spot the number 216 too.

So, what does it mean? I went to sources I know well to find out: The Keys of Enoch, Course of Miracles, OFFWorld contacts. I listened to Luna 9's theory of what she thinks it means (though those are details that, for now, cannot be discussed outside of TAF and OFFWorld because of the adverse reaction people would have). But I can say that I would have the agree with my fellow team members and TAF staff. Because I don't know what's 216 means, but I do get the impression that it is something big. Why else would the little guy 216 announce his presence so persistently and loudly?something big is coming

But I do take caution in things like this. After all, when the year 2012 came about, the anticipation was overshadowed by the disappointment, the anger, and division among people. None of the groups fighting and debating over what was going to happen in 2012 had any solid research to back them up. With that in mind, the question I have about this 216 thing is, Where is my mind?

Where are our minds and cores? Are they rooted in love and service to others, or rooted in fear and service to self? Are we looking into something because we want to genuinely understand, an act of love, or do we look into things so we can be reassured and feel good about some thought we had in our heads?

To this day I am still investigating what the number 216 means, but whatever it turns out to be, I remind myself and others to know where our minds and hearts are, and to be at peace with what we chose.